Monday, January 17, 2022

Loyalty or betrayal?

And to whom?  Marking Robert E. Lee Day today:

This mini-essay is about loyalties and their fluidity.  Plus about treason.

Alex Berenson has launched an attack on Dr. Malone, One-eyed Crenshaw is backing Cheney, the Breitbart editor is a cuck, Pence was a traitor to Trump but more importantly, to America through Pepfar.  And so it goes on.

There's a mired history to treason which can be traced back to the American Revolution and probably earlier.  Needing source, I turned to the iffy leftist Smithsonian and the author has written for the treasonous - to America - NYT.  Where does it all stop?

For British readers or modern Americans, Woke yoof, a summary of Benedict Arnold and Joseph Reed, both commanders under Washington, Reed a chancer and Arnold actually a valued officer, both men carping critics of their own fellow officers, a charge I feel some might make about me - no one is more critical of Higham than Higham.

Philadelphia society had thrown up interesting loyalties - Arnold's wife had died, the Continental Congress appeared to be the body to be loyal to but the British Loyalists gave better society parties, more respectable.  There was evidence Reed was considering switching sides, Arnold was resentful of his treatment, Reed took a set against him over various dealings, demanding a court-martial, Washington preferred Arnold, Reed had written a disparaging letter about Washington and Washington had it on him - it requires some further explanation:
What made all of this particularly galling was the hostility that Reed— and apparently most of the American people—held toward the Continental Army. More and more Americans regarded officers like Arnold as dangerous hirelings on the order of the Hessian mercenaries and British regulars, while local militiamen were looked to as the patriotic ideal. 

In reality, many of these militiamen were employed by community officials as thuggish enforcers to terrorize local citizens whose loyalties were suspect. In this increasingly toxic and volatile environment, issues of class threatened to transform a collective quest for national independence into a sordid and self-defeating civil war.
Would it be erroneous to call many loyalties in those days 'fluid'?  Especially as Arnold was 37, the apple of his eye, Peggy, was 18, manipulative, pro-British and he was besotted by her.  Old story.  There was the states rights issue too, no small matter, the loyalty to colony or former colony over the national ... just as it is today with Biden nominally in charge for the Illumined, the Brahmins.

My own sympathies would be for the ordinary English here, obviously, not to treasonous govt, but for the locals over there in those days whose new land it was.  Of early C20th doings, Eustace Mullins charged that the US finance was one giant sellout to the British money power and if so, I'd be on the side of ordinary Americans on that, in line with Old Dixie.
You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.
Obviously I'm on the side of our indigenous here, meaning the ordinary people, plus the non-feckless in Scotland, for hardworking Scots not on benefits.  Plus for local Americans, Floridians, Bamians, essentially what ground level is.  For the unvaxxed in Oz.  For anyone anywhere not Woke.  I'm essentially for the ground level, ordinary free people, loyal to their heritage.  Thus I'm for that young man in the Dutch parlmt who told Rutte off.  For Novax.  Not for his wife.

Happy Robert E. Lee Day.  Don't even mention that communist in the same breath whose supporters have tried to hijack the day.



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