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Friday [4]

4.  When the elements are brought together

... it paints a different picture to each on its own.  Take this from Wednesday [19] in which I posted a picture of upside down cross earrings, which the comments threaders on the original all asked who was she?  I'd not a clue, wouldn't know her from Eve.

PD came in with, 'What about her?' Meaning Adele in response to something Toodles said.  PD added:

Well at least we now know who she is, the one I posted a picture of, initials JL, something about being Hungry in a film.  I did some digging and apparently there was a series from about 2012 to 2014 which obviously I've not seen, nor know about, nor wish to after reading the plot, which is precisely what is happening in RL now with a cabal above running things and any who defy the narrative - well selected victims get sacrificed, e.g. Amy Winehouse.

Bottom line is that no one gets anywhere up that ladder unless they sell their soul and bodies.  Which brings in the whole question of perceptions and how we ascribe blame to certain miscreants, e.g. that Jewish director now in prison [Weinberg?] and his casting couch, which is not a lot different to Epstein Island, which everyone has the eyes on to the exclusion of all the other cases, e.g. in the Bannon last few minutes and TR.

It's not just the vaxx sheeple who flatly refuse to see things, it's sticking out a mile for anyone of a standard western upbringing from the 50s and earlier, and which someone like Anne Barnhardt nails immediately in her book Diabolical Narcissism - the number of people who see the entire global circus and how closely it's organised for this GR, Build Back, NWO, whatever label you want.

What is being missed here because of limited perceptions in those who have already succumbed to the secular flat refusal to see the organising intelligence behind all this is through a simple question - how can everyone from the Chinese to Japanese to Russians to western nations ALL be coordinated so fully?  What superhuman intelligence has that capacity, with people like Schwab as its henchmen?

There are hints in JL's reversed earrings and once you get onto this Chelsea Handler lookalike Elisabeth Banks as well, it's just further and further evidence.

The single greatest problem here is too many being satisfied, on our side, with the convenient explanation.  Now be careful, I'm not saying that that explanation is wrong - it could well be the Ashkenazis, Rothschilds and all the myrmidons, I'd say that that is right ... but to say, 'Oh well, there it is,' and shut down the dig at that point still lets numero uno completely off the hook with a big grin across its face.

Ascribing this ability to coordinate globally to a human intelligence, given the foibles of humans, is really a stretch, is it not? 

And no one before the 50s would have ascribed it that way, though millions ascribed it to the 'Jews'.  But which Jews?  You only need go through the history of those tribes to see that there's something else mixed in and I pointed that out with the Nimrod/Semiramis thing, the Ishtar gate too.  Or any other name you like - Ea, Set, Moloch - just how obstinate are you going to be?

And the thing is - only secularists have this groping around in the dark issue. The Egyptians didn't, the Masons don't have this difficulty, the pagans don't, the Illumined don't, the Kali followers don't, the one who ordered that bull in Brussels had no issue with the real culprit.  

And finally, the OT has no issue with the Nephilim.  

Secularists though flatly refuse to see, just as the normies refuse to see the vaxx issues and who is pushing this.  And there is a good reason why they refuse.

The reason they won't buy the core intelligence behind things is because they would therefore have to acknowledge the other side as well, as put by people such as CS Lewis, GK Chesterton et al, which is the last thing any self-respecting devotee of Dawkins or Hitchens C wishes to concede.

And what is secularism anyway when it's at home?  Is it not something late C18th through the 'Enlightenment', through the Royal Society, Darwinism, the Smithsonian and every other bastion of the great god Science is Settled?  What was its prime purpose, politically and religiously?  Think Disraeli and all those debates of angels v monkeys.

But it was way more than just innocuous evolution and the fossil record. It set out to undermine every institution in the western tradition, politically ... along came communism, feminazism, anarchists [WW1] and so it went on.  

Once you create an entirely new subculture of Sientifik Man, godless morality, policed by the very monsters above creating the issues, not unlike the gain of function monsters, then it's a slippery slope we find ourselves on.

And the converse is true, the controlled 'goodies'.  The moment the pointy hatters gain control, the priesthood, then you get the Vatican situation, the paedo priests, the synods, the tele-evangelists in their Rolls Royces, the Calvins and their burnings of people over ridiculous niceties, Torquemada, the Franks pretending to be of the Cross in their sacking of Constantinople which was about as Christian as an ass's backside.

Everyone is susceptible, everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, even the genuinely good people.  I was appalled to see that plot in that Hunger thing praised last night by one who should know better.  Turn the spotlight on me too and the 'music' I sometimes post as 'good' when it's anything but, it's just another brick in the wall blocking understanding.

Also, what's the single greatest victory of an organising intelligence whose tentacles run things from a hidden place?  Plausible deniability, yes?  Convincing people that it simply does not exist, that it's something else, e.g. humans' tendency to do bad things if left alone, such as worshipping golden calves and the like, sacrificing virgins.  Must be just our synapses. Maybe it's von Daniken's aliens.  Maybe Icke's lizards.

And speaking of sacrificing virgins, is this not precisely what's going on worldwide since the net?  Look at the models in the porn racket of the 70s and then of today and there is a vast difference now, a huge market involving trillions of dollars/euros/pounds ... a complete meat market involving trafficking, rendition, even breeding of new, younger and younger meat - no mothers and no fathers who can be identified.  Market forces, eh?  Involving Epstein and Maxwell as the show bunnies but just how many more?

Then go to the Apostle Paul for the diametrically opposite message and what is he fixated on in his writings?  Lust and fornication, is it not?  

Put it to the test - take the sum total of all western males and females at this moment, say 12 to 70, and tell me what percentage have had extra-marital, pre-marital, and not just normal either but look at all this LB-tranny things, with tatts ... as against the other side ... what percentage have only ever had physical relations within marriage?  I'm one of the former, so certainly not a decent person that way.

And look how institutionalised it is - it's a complete system, a real racket, and almost no one sees the inevitable victims, the most vulnerable, the least able to counter it, not that they even want to - see TR in that Steve Bannon interview again.  

Yes, TR is not wrong about the death cult and its purveyors, he's right on that, but yet again, TR stops short - yes, he nails plod and the council workers and high ups, caucasians involved, Sarah Champion did as much.  

What he did not nail was us - the sleazy males, plus all the women aiding and abetting it [the Allison Macks, the female pilot of the Lolita Express and so one - all joining in to exploit.]  

Where is the social code which would stop such people?  Gone, hasn't it?

My question is this - who is guiltless in all this aiding and abetting, just as in Nazi Germany?  That person is surely a saint.  

But you'd agree this racket is maybe the late 1900s/early 2000s' biggest money spinner, along with the pharma racket, maybe the arms industry ... and any attempt to deal with it is overwhelmed by gain of function engineering and vaxx passports, 2020 to 2025.  

We can talk about the latter, we can no way talk about the former, no one wants to ... think what that does, eventually, to the human spirit.

The pod people

I've used the analogy before and one could characterise the kool aid mesmerised as pod people - Adam has a post up about them.  Seemingly normal people until you start seeing their behaviour, their non-capacity for rational thought, their attacks on us:

It's truly not unlike a horror film.  And methinks we should examine the people as well, us, who get off on these things like the Hunger Games, that sort of thing.  In the light of what's happening right now out there, I'd hardly call such films, with Hollywood starlets we know to be part of the cabal as its myrmidons ... as appropriate entertainment.  You do as you wish, this is just my view on it.

Swing the spotlight onto me - my long book, one long sex and violence saga.  Where do I get off, having written such a thing?

I'm asking just how guilty are we all in letting ourselves be drawn into this culture - have you seen some of the gaming and its values?  Yet how big is gaming these days?  Who started all that?  Why should I wish to spend my days seeing people raped and murdered in gruesome ways?  What would that say about the state of my mind, getting off on that, and our hopes of getting out of this dystopia we're currently in?

I say we look to ourselves first and what we buy into, what we click on, then turn our attention to the cabal and myrmidons.

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