Monday, December 20, 2021

Women should not play contact sports

Nor should they be in the frontline of battle, especially mixed in with men.

There are sports for them - N1 worldwide being netball, then hockey, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, athletics.  If they must play contact, there's touch rugby.  My darling heart of the time tried touch rugby.  First game she played, I had to take her to hospital.


  1. I'm not sure about this. Guys do base jumping and die, and other dangerous things. We don't argue that they shouldn't. We do need to recognise the greater fragility of the ladies and not try to persuade them otherwise. And as for letting biological men trash them, thats a different thing.

    1. The propensity for irreparable internal injury is far greater for a woman. Men and women are constructed differently.

  2. Female squaddies? Would that mean a camp beautician to teach them to apply makeup to stand out rather than blend in?


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