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18.  That egregious parasite, the EU

As the late Brian Micklethwait – I still cannot quite believe that I am writing that – said in a post called “On the future of photography in public (and on what I think of the EU)”:

The way the EU works is that at any one time EU-ers propose a million laws, and the winning laws are the ones that nobody objects to. If anyone at all persuasive does object to any particular law, then the plan is dropped, with a charming smile, and put to one side for another go in a few years time. No no no, you misunderstood entirely what we were talking about.We never had any intention of doing what we previously did intend to do if nobody had complained! Fuss about nothing! Europhobic scaremongering! Why do you hate foreigners?

17.  Firstly, thx IYE, PD and Steve for the links

What we have here is the stark truth from a WHO whistleblower:

You'd expect any journo worth his salt to present the thing here in full but I cannot because of a suppression of the truth order from above which has already seen me lose posts.  Worse, I'm told that I am misleading people.  Look at that above again.  Are both she and I misleading you?

Now it's reached the MSM, part of the truth.  When I spoke directly to the NHS earlier in the year, they volunteered to me the notion of bloodclotting, I never mentioned it.  So it was certainly a known-known at official level.  Therefore, where do businesses and blog-hosts get off saying that I am misleading?  Who is misleading and defaming here?

And just why did the Wail, the biggest online news service in the world, come out with a fraction of the story?  No mention of the word foetal or gr ox?  Because those pushing this thing know it's being talked about by the whole community, not unlike Ryan Giggs or Jeremy Clarkson, even Angus Deayton.

So the way to contain it is to concede the part everyone knows is so, making out that that's the full horror right there which they'll soon fix.  Maybe the collapsing footballers have made it too bloody obvious to remain silent.

FDA Wants 55 Years to Release COVID Jab Reaction Data

Act of guilt in your eyes or something quite ok?

16.  British army sure is massive

Today’s Army has no credible division (although it has three divisional headquarters and a Field Army HQ, for reasons that escape me). Jobs for the generals springs to mind.

15.  See bondage post earlier

14.  Rossa's mother

a.  Thank goodness there are still some good judges around ...

b. Presume you have seen all the people resigning like the boss of Disney
and many others - just what is frightening them to death ...

c.  Austria's chancellor has resigned.  [More as it comes in.]

13.  PG

a.  Latest "advice".

My advice to WHO is not for polite society but it includes "off" several times.

b.  Clue in the title.

12.  Just who is this man? 

I'm sure Ripper can tell us:


  1. 14c True dat.

  2. The army may have a surfeit of generals but check how many admirals the Royal Navy has compared to its number of capital ships . . . . . what do they all do all day?
    The cannon-fodder may shrink but the profligate hierarchy lingers on.

    1. And then there all those in the back office making sure that they get what they need. Ajax. Destroyers that fail in warmer seas, TSR2, F111, SA80, JP233, COBRA, boots that melt in desert sun, Naval uniform that becomes napalm in a fire, and most recently a £120 million, super, duper fighter jet that falls of end of our diesel powered carriers ski jump. Even Eddy The Eagle got further.
      And there's more, as a comedian used to say.

  3. Steve

    WHO Whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckleberger

    ‘I Have Been Stunned At The Response’: South African Dr Who Reported Omicron Slams Hysteria

    Statistical Analysis Proves Pfizer Systematically Deployed Highly Toxic Batches of Vaccines On Purpose!

    FDA Wants 55 Years to Release COVID Jab Reaction Data

    Court Ordered Report Released: Vaccines Killed 1223 at Start of Vaccine Program (Video)

    Why I am Proud to Wear the “Anti-Vaxx” Label – History and Science Show Vaccines Have Never Been Safe nor Effective

    Top ICU Doctor Suspended After Suing Hospital For Banning Ivermectin and Other Covid Treatments

    Of Interest:

    The European Union Begins Its Dissolution – France Turns To Italy

    1. Steve

      If COVID Omicron Variant Is as Mild as Indicated Why Not Let It Run Its Course and Protect the Vulnerable with Therapeutics?

      Poll Shows Democrats Are Terrified of the Omicron Variant – Republicans Can Not Care Less

      Germany Imposes Nationwide Lockdown For the Unvaxxed

      Rand Paul Demands Fauci Be Held Accountable For His COVID Lies That Have “Cost People Lives” – Says Fauci “Should Go To Prison FOR 5 Years” (Video)

  4. Steve


    Woke ASU Students Protest Kyle Rittenhouse Holding “DEATH 2 AMERICA” Signs — While Patriot Counter-Protesters Chant “LET’S GO BRANDON” (VIDEO)

    The Donald:

    Dirty CIA Publishes Hit Piece on Trump – Intel Community Describes Him as Challenging and Embittered After They Launched Their Coup Against His Administration for 4 Years

  5. Read C Northcote Parkinson on what prompted him to write Parkinson's Law.
    Only then it as the Royal Navy.

  6. 12 - I'm sure you already know who that man is, but just in case, its Mark Drakeford, the Welsh first minister. He is referring to the draconian lockdown that he inflicted on the Welsh people. Knowing it to be unlawful, he is saying that he hopes that no one is bright enough to ask whether the word "should" in his rules is law or guidance. He thinks that everyone is stupid.

    For example, if face coverings were really mandatory, it would be written into law and be worded "you must", not "you should".