Sunday, December 05, 2021

Sunday [4 to 6]


6.  Some screenshots in passing

If it were just one of the lady warriors typing onto social media, you might say, 'Yep, probably,' then move on.  What stops us in our tracks here, gives one pause, is the name of the poster.  And that in itself raises the question - how would an innocent saint know that name in the first place?  And if she's indeed an insider, then perhaps what she says carries some weight.

5.  Paul Serran

Not everyone of us has spent half a decade in this fight researching the Maxwells and their intelligence ties. But that does not mean they can't be on top of stuff, too. I am enclosing below 3 articles of mine that give a LOT of context to her prosecution. Enjoy!

4.  Coming back one last time to that game

Seriously, I'd not bore you with this any more, were it not vital.  The Alabama coach made an amazing statement after the game.  Always with a fractious relationship with the MSM, he said, as far as I can remember the words:
You guys have been feeding us rat poison for a long time and usually it's been fatal.  This week, the rat poison you've been feeding us has been yummy.
If we apply that to our own wider, world situation, I can only keep repeating - it's never over, a few victories for us is nothing to get delirious about because they just go into their plan C, e.g. Antarctica, then plan D and so on.  For us - constant vigilance, not getting drawn down byways and mugged, heeding all the incoming data and evaluating.  People, it's most certainly full-on war and most of our people are sleepwalking to the govt and MSM voice in their heads, the vision in their eyes.

For those who are interested, this is a recap of the game, where the rat poison is mentioned:

I just saw on the news ticker - Douglas Murray blocked, banned, reported.  The more they wildly overreact, the closer to target we are.

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