Sunday, December 05, 2021

Frosty wind made moan

At the same time that Steve was heading the latest drop "frost", I was reflecting on frost in England, that it's far more my idea of winter here than snow or even rain.

It's certainly replaced autumn as my fave season as there's both a clarity and festive nature to it as nature sleeps.  I was actually working out when to run In the Bleak Midwinter - it's often on the solstice but then methought - that's not really midwinter as such.  Not in nature's terms.

So when is midwinter in reality?  In Russia, the end of winter was clear - the snow started breaking up mid-March and almost all outcrops were gone by the second week of April.  But here?  Birds return in April, yes?   When do they depart?  Late Sep - mid Oct?  When do you feel it's got a bit too chilly to be called summer anymore?  It's been cold for a couple of weeks now, autumn leaves well gone.

I'm starting winter on November 21st.  And the other end on't?  Howling winds in March, April showers, seems March 21st is t'end on't.  Winter for us is four months.  Sometimes I still have the heater on in early May.  So I'd call midwinter January 21st or thereabouts.

Please disagree.  Meanwhile, the song I usually run, only not the Fairport version this time but Solas - Irish American:

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