Friday, December 03, 2021

Friday [9]

9.  Haiku sends the SA situation

Haiku is one of a few who are sending the good oil on their region - I had one this morning from southern USA on the situation there.  We tend to rely on trusted sources for most parts of the world so when we get something at ground level from a region, direct, it would be insanity not to go into it.

Not SA but it well might have been:

R W Johnson speaking the truth as always ...

During the local election campaign Ferial Haffajee wrote about the sad state of her part (and every part) of Johannesburg: litter everywhere, potholes, street lights and traffic lights that don’t work, irregular water, irregular power, uncollected rubbish and all the rest of it. When she recited this lament to the ANC she was angrily accused of “nostalgia for the white city”.

In today’s South Africa it is, of course, politically inadmissible to say that the whites got anything right.  imagine the angry black voters of Soweto or Ekurhuleni who booed Ramaphosa, or the Indian voters of Chatsworth, or the Coloured voters of the Cape Flats: if you accused them of “nostalgia for the white city” you’d be told “Absolutely. You bet. So’s everybody.”

It is indeed a no-brainer. Cheap, plentiful and reliable electricity. Sewage and water systems that work properly. Street lights and traffic lights ditto. Decent roads, litter that gets collected, law and order: what’s not to like?

The point is this. Whenever anyone tries to hold the ANC responsible for anything, its first instinct is to find a way of blaming apartheid. But in the local election campaign this was impossible. They’ve been in power for 27 years so if people don’t like the mess they’ve made of their towns and, indeed, of their country, there’s no one else to blame. 
Does that not sound like BLM America and in fact anywhere these terrorists and their DemRat crim backers go full self-entitlement, full victimhood, full looting, full violence?
In this election we saw the overwhelmingly Zulu electorate of Umgeni, in KwaZulu-Natal, elect an administration headed by a young white mayor. And, of course, something similar has been happening in the Western Cape for some time.
Moving on:

We have now officially entered the Twilight Zone. Back in the physical world we came from, any head of a government reporting record unemployment levels of 34.9% (call it 35%) — 46.6% with people who have given up even bothering to find a job — would be offering his resignation and our parliament would be voting for a general election on Wednesday, February 2 2022.

People have nothing to eat and the state is out of ideas. I was talking to a friend the other day and he had listened to a podcast I did with former Goldman Sachs SA chief Colin Coleman. It was, he said, a sad experience because while we were talking about how to fix this and how to fix that, the fact is that no-one in government is listening any more.
The truth is that there are people of certain ethnicities who can and those who can't.  Even within Caucasians, there are those who can and thus they have orderly societies ... and then there are Chicago, San Francisco, anywhere DemRats have influence and these become criminal cesspits.  It's obvious to the world but there is swift punishment should you point out the bleedin' obvious.

And don't forget the ANC is tripartite with the commies and the unions. You only need to go back to Lenin and his NEP men to see that communists can't even run a whelk stall by themselves.

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