Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Dissidento barada nikto

The last word, 'nikto'  is not quite right there.  In Russian, it's certainly the right word but not declined that way.  That's the nominative above and one needs the accusative, which would be 'ni kovo' for 'no one'.

Why would the scriptwriters and others interviewed deny knowing what it was about - I remember news articles in the 60s about it and it was clearly understood by my mates that the word came from Russian.  However, if you read Wikipedia now, it's as if no one had ever said it.

Well, there was a very good reason - see the year of the film release, with the UnAmerican thing just starting up. Show you knew any Russian and you were on the list.  You were a possible Stalinist.  

So, the writer quite possibly asked his 'friend' or control what the Russian was for 'nobody' and was told 'ni kto', nominative.  Writer goes away without going into the form of the pronoun.  Simple matter.

As for the film - weeelll, a classic, innit, of the genre.

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