Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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6.  Good work, Rev Peter

Recently, Professor Kathleen Stock resigned her philosophy chair at the University of Sussex because she claimed her life had been made intolerable by the wokeists who were outraged when Stock said that ‘gender identity does not outweigh biological sex. There are only two sexes’.

After Professor Stock was appointed OBE last December, 600 professional philosophers took to social media to object in the form of An Open Letter Concerning Transphobia in Philosophy. 

(Well, isn’t it depressing to learn that there are 600 professional philosophers?)

May I make my own objection – not to Professor Stock but to the demonstration by that whole gang of philosophers that they are not worthy of the name philosopher. The meaning of the word is lover or friend of wisdom. But this lot cannot hope to aspire to wisdom.


5.  It's a lovely day today


4.  Maxwell

For those who can access:

[h/t candi]

3.  We're caught up in a complex set of allegiances

It's not unlike before WW1 and those treaties.  It's not unlike Peter's post as to why the man acted as he did:

The bits in yellow.  It's not unlike me here at N.O., someone just as much under coercion as anyone, but not for money.  While our troll mocks me for accepting a "free" blog platform, in fact I'm ridding myself of all bar one source of coercion, namely blgr.

And you've seen my posts taken down by karens and why they were.  I posted the notices and devised a strategy.  The bright can see that.  

GS [ah yes, 10:47 - got this confused with G&S] are for sure special interest and are sometimes shoddy.  Now look at what binds PD and Ripper, apart from respect and that distances them from Steve.  It's the quoting every morning of GS.  Mine former host would not have a bar of GS and he also had his reasons.  I've often written they are Mossad, they are the same people who put the vagina staircase in the SC building in Israel leading to the Rothschild garden.  Or in Christian terms, the Assyrian-captured Dan and Ephraim.

Told you this thing is complex.  Also ancient.  So do I shut out GS?  How about RT or Daily Expose?  How about Lifesite?  The latter is RC and how.  Do I cut out Ann Barnhardt?  Is there no truth they speak?

Of course there is truth in the core points and evidence backing them, always remembering their overall agenda.  Everyone has an agenda ... everyone.  Question is - can we still function as a confederated team?  My answer would be - judiciously, yes, staying internally calm and focussed ... afaihp.

2.  Steve

a.  Rittenhouse:

Woke ASU Students Issue ‘List of Demands;’ Plan Rally Demanding Kyle Rittenhouse Be Expelled From School


b.  Epstein:

Judge Blocks “Sensational and Impure” [stuff about Clinton] Information from Media in Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case – Same Judge Was Nominated by Schumer and Biden Last Week to US Court of Appeals


c.  The heat is on..

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Stepping Down — Co-Founder of Tech Giant Behind Censorship of Conservative Content


1.  Is it obstinate foolishness we're seeing or rank mendacity?

Daily Sceptic mailing:

Molly Kingsley, co-founder of parent campaign group UsForThem, said: “We learnt from summer that forcing healthy children to isolate was an unmitigated disaster and it is unforgivable to do that again. 

“If they don’t exempt children it will cause chaos in the classrooms. Asking healthy children to quarantine is not a harm-free measure, it is harmful to children who are not at serious risk from the illness. At this point in the pandemic it is shameful for the Government not to have an exemption for children.” 

Earlier this year, the Telegraph launched a campaign calling for an end to disruption in schools and for children to be put at the heart of policy making.

Be VERY careful what you wish for with that Telegraph phrasing, it's very close to "for the cheeldren" by NuLab in which the most mendacious and destructive policies were force-implemented under the guise of "for the cheeldren".

Even when I say these people are wicked in what they're doing, we're again beset by the question - are they acting out of brainwashed ignorance, maniacal about completing human destruction whilst not in the least being aware that that's what they're abetting, utterly convinced they're "doing good" ... or are they in fact, as suspected all along, mendacious, wicked, using plausible deniability to cover their tracks and providing a basis on which to attack those calling them out?

An example is firms, stores, other enterprises, insisting on standing-order wrongness being enshrined as rightness, thus to be complied with and embraced, on pain of ostracism and harassment, let alone intrusion  in our doings and even our bodies? In line with the mendacity of those inventing the catch phrases in the first place?


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    3. GS? Can only think of Sore-ar@e with those initials. Brain freeze along with body this a.m. cos frosty winds are moaning and the earth is hard as iron around here.

  2. Steve

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