Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thursday [18 till close of play]

To the bitter end.

23. Curious

22. Not sure this will be 

... a fun Thanksgiving at this household:

21.  Sphinx

Anyone up on Egyptology?  Might be something ancient going on here, as in the Mummy, maybe not.  IYE:

Quite a few other drops there too.

20.  On the bail money

Firstly, I was asleep a couple of hours mid evening, folks, and there was some incoming.  One of those was a view of the bail money case not altogether anti Lin Wood.  Stations such as CNN are of course going to explore division and twist the knife but this from Toodles seems sound legal opinion coming through - it said the money had to go back to whomever raised it.

From this, some goes back to his mother, most to Lin Wood, who then pays back those from whom he raised it ... usual way. The issue of KR languishing in jail is another matter.  Either way, my adviser says that there is legal procedure to follow re bail money and the court will determine that, it's not for me, Seb Gorka or others to opine as yet.

That's fair.

19. On that topic

PD: And another one:

IJ:  Another one - I hadn't expected it so soon. I hope he (and all others) recover and the likely causes* investigated and reported. 

*Unlikely on the BBC - they haven't even put the humberside fire on the national site.

PD: someone is keeping track of these. Cannot verify as I don't follow sports anymore so the names don't mean much to me.

IJ:  Still no mention of this in the UK MSM - it takes a US site to report: 

Will the SHTF? obviously not if our MSM have anything to do with it!

Plus just now:

18.  Here it comes


  1. Steve

    Bernard Kerik Warns Jan. 6 Committee He Has Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud in 2020 Election

    The Donald:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2021 – President Trump Releases Statement

    Braincell update:

    More Proof: Biden Filled Kabul Planes With Unvetted Afghans – Lied About It – And Left as Many as 14,000 Americans and Green Card Holders in the Country


    Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse

    Bail For Christmas Parade Killer Darrell Brooks Set at $5 Million; 6th Homicide Charge Will Be Filed Later This Week With Several Other Charges Being Reviewed

  2. 23. That's been predicted for a while. Some say silver has more value than gold due to its use in certain industries. Gold doesn't have the same advantages. Maybe it has always been undervalued. Time will tell. That's another thing about these New Agers and their enterprises. They promote crypto mostly and then precious metals. Begs the question "why?" when they're supposed to be more concerned about etherial subjects.

    Actually, crypto would fit the "etherial" aspect - can't touch it, see it etc. Just have to believe it is there! :) Wonder what happens to crypto when the interweb goes down or there's a power outage?

  3. 21. More on Egyptian thingies.

    Quite impressive. Dunno the significance.

  4. If you buy silver bullion or coins in Britain you have to pay VAT. Or so I understand. So not a good deal. Gold coins of the realm (post 1837) are free of VAT and of CGT.

    1. I was fortunate to purchase some kilos of silver second hand which makes it Vat free. My fear is that privately held bullion will be either seized or private trading will be outlawed.

    2. They can't seize it if they don't know you have it. ;) ;)