Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Grand Delusion

There's always that Morpheus quote:

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Yuri Bezmenov said similar in the 80s.  We also know of Stockholm Syndrome. There are so many examples of the Grand Illusion:

But voices then question the illusion, the unsustainable delusion:

Only silly teenagers could follow these ideas, to leave their homes in search of adventures with drugs and sex.

I clicked on it and got:
Unavailable due to legal reasons

The cognitive dissonance is strong:

I have always loved the hippie counterculture, but I was immediately disappointed when I approached those who pretended to be its followers, starting from my first experiences in Florence, as a teenager (then mid-90s), when the aforementioned hippies were nothing but radical chic losers who went into depression if they didn’t have the daily dose of marijuana and were immediately ready to criticize you if you didn’t think politically like them; reasoning that was nothing but an ignorant delusion of a poor teenager in search of glory.

Not much differently it went when I approached, in adulthood, the heirs of the hippies, those who embraced the New Age and holistic subjects; I soon found myself in the midst of schizophrenics who claimed to have relationships with guide spirits or businessmen (or businesswomen) intent on selling miraculous remedies at exorbitant prices, things that not even my grandmother would take seriously.

I've been there - at the all indiscriminate weekend sex and drugathons, think I've mentioned one narcissist man expecting it was all in together, he was rebuffed by a girl, went and put an axe through his hairy foot.

I was there because they were never touted as that, plus I was too young.  But even at that age, observing the viciousness of the self-centred young around, the eternal 'I'm the victim here, you're the oppressor', the conclusion was inevitable - this was going nowhere, people were gathering and bringing all their nastiness with them. Including rampant STDs and later abortions.

And the food - lentils, anyone?  False dawns, false hopes.  Just saw a photo by someone calling herself Certain Hope.  You get the idea.  'Wellness' too.  All struggling to avoid the thing which does work.

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  1. Nothing has changed with the New Age clap-trap. It is more accurately to call it New Age Enterprises. Only yesterday I saw in passing three stooges engaging in a supposed World Healing "ritual". The woman leading it threw everything at it - mother Mary energies, whatever they're supposed to be, along with calling on "our higher galactic families", St Uncle Tom Cobley an' all. I watched about 3 mins of it in horrified fascination and here's the thing. As she got started the chap in charge put up their links to Paypal and had that running across the bottom of the video while this "ritual" was taking place. That particular YT channel has over 50k subscribers and they also have a pay-per-view thing going AND an "insider access pass" at only $240 a year. One of the other participants has over 100k subscribers. Nice little earner, innit! No different really from the church in the Middle Ages getting money for indulgencies.