Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday [21 till close of play]

To the bitter end.

26.  Terry Dactyl

25.  Note the names

... then the attempt to pass them off as South-East Asian.

24.  Vaguely getting the Crimbo music together

Remember it was all on the other blogs, so starting again.  There are three I already have - Cantique de Noel and Stille Nacht, plus God Rest Ye, O Come O Come Emmanuel - four carols, there are four carols I have.

With Carol of the Bells - which?  This or this or some other do you think?

Chrissy morn Joy to the World, maybe that kids one from eastern Europe again.

Need to get some pagan ones in there too, yule log things, holly, ivy.

We're not doing jingle bells - Dearieme and I are firm on that. Nor bleedin' Rudolph.  Did I tell you I once met Rudolph in Rovaniemi?

White Christmas maybe. Which version of odeur agréable?  I'm sorry but Jona Lewie's going in somewhere coz I like him.

If you have specific ideas, please send the links here, under any post will do.

23.  You might like to read this

... esp. the bits in yellow.

22.  Food for thought

21.  I stole this from Ace to give to the poor

[in spirit]:


  1. The Grisly Ghis trial lowdown from Techno-Fog

  2. Steve

    Planet Covid (Ethics By-Pass Edition):

    The New COVID Variant Scam was Simulated in Israel Weeks before it was “Discovered”

    'We Are Lab Rats': Israeli Vaccine Victims Want Their Lives Back (Film)

    Big Pharma Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

    FACT CHECK – NHS Chief Stephen Powis and “Doctor Oxford” use 7-months-old Data to claim 75 per cent of Covid-19 Patients in ICU are Unvaccinated

    Italy: Demonstrators Gather With The Photos Of Their Relatives Killed By The Bioweapon AKA Covid Vax

    Do Whatever You Can To Disrupt Their Plans

    Of Interest:

    POLIO is a man-made disease caused by heavy metals exposure, not a virus.. the entire history of polio and vaccines was fabricated

    1. Steve

      Despite Attempts to Protect US Rich and Powerful and Government Officials – Designed Mutations and Cover-Up Itself Confirm COVID-19 Origins

      Flashback 2016: Fauci’s Cohort Peter Daszak Explains How Scientists Can Perfectly Create a Coronavirus in China Lab That Can Lead to Global Pandemic

      CDC Funded Study Shows No Significant Difference in COVID-19 Transmission Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

      Of Interest:

      Dr Zelenko’s “Z-Stack” Protocol On Sale For Cyber Monday

  3. 24. Two versions of "This Endris Night" for your perusal.

    1. Et aussi

      I'll get me coat....... :)

      Btw, I like Jona Lewie's one hit wonder.

    2. Choirboys versus a woman. Voice better on first, arrangement on second. Which?

      12 Days is in.

    3. "Voice better on first, arrangement on second."

      Agree. It is a dilemma!

    4. Which is best resolved by running both. :)

  4. 25. Interesting list of names. The three facilitators appear to be from nearer to home. The offences are alleged to have occurred between 1995 and 2015. Those three alleged facilitators, being the youngest on the list would themselves have been in their teens then. That suggests to me that, as we all know or suspect, this has been going on for a very long time. A long time under the noses of the most compassionate and caring of local governments and police 'services'. Shame on them all.

    1. Steve

      Spot on Andy, some of the men in my regiment were talking about this stuff back in the mid-80's - those who joined from the West Midlands. Everyone should read Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter Mcloughlin.

  5. Steve


    Woke ASU Students Issue ‘List of Demands;’ Plan Rally Demanding Kyle Rittenhouse Be Expelled From School


    Judge Blocks “Sensational and Impure” [stuff about Clinton] Information from Media in Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case – Same Judge Was Nominated by Schumer and Biden Last Week to US Court of Appeals

    The heat is on..

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Stepping Down — Co-Founder of Tech Giant Behind Censorship of Conservative Content

  6. DAD left a comment, it disappeared into the ether. This was it:

    I started to rad "Easy Meat", but was so sickened that I had to stop.