Monday, October 11, 2021

Wimmin on bikes #378


  1. Toodles.

    Here I am sitting waiting in a doctor's office for a friend. Wearing my must wear garb to the health gods like a goodun.

    At least I get to read N.O.and it is still early afternoon here!

    Here I am remarking on the wild and crazy bike wimmin.

    Compliments that they all look so band box fresh! Everyone one. Not one dribble on the brow or neck as I might would have.

    I am just amazed the umbrella ones, especially the 4th one, can keep from falling over or from going wobbly or swervey or splat!

  2. Yep, I was thinking that, one gust of wind and ... :)

    Also, I quite like the vacuum cleaner in N2.

  3. How do they cope with no obvious brakes? I can only see levers etc in the last - I've heard of fixed wheels, but never seen one, and the frames look continental, so I would guess one of the flatter countries

  4. Single speed/fixed gear - good for the ladies, ratio such that they can perambulate in style, they're not after speed. Backpedal to brake.

  5. In my long ago youth there were bikes with some sort of hub brake on the rear wheel which operated when you back pedalled. Free wheeling was all right, but when you back pedalled the rear brake operated.
    Tried one, never trusted it.

  6. Long skirts on bikes without the rear wheel skirt guard at best messy, at worst very messy.