Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday [11 onwards]

Through to late afternoon.

12.  Out there

These people mentioned have always been around on the edge but were largely harmless because most people had their heads on straight.

At the same time, people like me have been around since about 2003 and we've been called loons by the actual loons, for focussing on the paedo nets, on Belgium, on the US trafficking, the CIA etc., Walter Reid, Johns Hopkins.  If it hadn't been for Event 201, most people would not even be aware of seamy Johns Hopkins.  We mentioned the SPPNA and so on, started going really loony and pushing marriage and the family.

Unlike the totally sane transhumans.

11.  Hambizzas

Not eating those at one sitting.  They go away in the tupperware, bring one out when peckish into the evening, crisp up and eat.  Cheese covered concasse underneath.  Tender.

Anything planned for your table later or just consumed?


  1. Lunch was a "melting middle" fishcake followed by an apple from the garden. Tydeman's. I'm still a little peckish though. I might see whether we have any almonds left.

  2. Steve

    12. Out there

    Transhumanists Are draconian In nature

  3. Lunner or Dinch? Late lunch early dinner will be left over turkey casserole from yesterday, with sprouts and a glass of red followed by mousetrap. The remaining third of the casserole has been frozen for the future.

    Asked a jabbed mate via email whether he had the jab or the placebo i.e. could he be sure of which. (Yeah I know how to wind people up lol!) His reply was it must've been the real McCoy because he went to Portugal, mingled with the tourists and never caught cv.

    I need wiser friends.......

  4. No almonds. But walnuts. Dinner will be duck.