Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday [6 to 9]

Into the afternoon.

9.  Lord Somber

There’s more: some 35 percent want to confine any Briton who returns from a foreign country, vaccinated or not, to a ten-day home quarantine—permanently, Covid or no Covid.
Thank goodness we at N.O. are so community guideline compliant, and thus utterly reject any suggestion whatever that there's any disgruntled feeling out there beyond a few isolated kooks.

8.  AK Haart is at it again

My goodness that ole cynic causes trouble, influencing me like that. :)
Stars ready to join Prince William for ceremony recognising best ideas for tackling climate change

The event will include performances by Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, KSI and Yemi Alade, and Shawn Mendes, and an appearance by Sir Boaty McBoatface, who will share the optimism he feels about environmental challenges.
7.  Anything exciting on your table ce soir?

Or even for lunch?

That white stuff is Philly cheese by the way.  Say nothing disparagusing about the red wine ... unless you wish to of course.

6.  Hypothetical

Let's say I was writing a book, I'd decided to, a work of fiction, then it would be well worth me steering well clear of topics which could get me 'suicided', there are limits to what I'd do for my fellow human, not being a Defoe or Swift.

So topics it might be wise to avoid could include - oh, let's say science came out with a wonder drug and all the usual culprits medical authorities got in behind it, the new wonder drug, a molecular miracle they say and the MSM give them full vent, capped off by a PM - oh maybe a NZ one - saying that there is but one single source of truth and it is her, the new downunder goddess, not unlike Gaga doing Venus, and all the independent thinkers who don't do conspiracy theories say yes, there is one single source of truth and it is Impotep Ardern, yes, oh great one, we believe anything we're told, despite this Dalrymple character.

And let's pretend the pilot of a plane had taken this wonder drug and so had all the passengers because they could not get on that flight without this molecular passport, and so had all the crew, on pain of dismissal and later shutting up in different ways.  And let's say the pilot dies in flight near a place called Saint something ... I don't know ... Santee maybe and let's choose an airline ... let me see now - alpha beta gamma ... maybe delta.

Now every story needs a subplot so let's imagine there's a worldwide plot to rid the world of people, starting with the elderly and kids, plus kids have an added benefit - they have a gland which is of great use to the ruling politburo because it gives them yoof - yes I know it's completely OTT, totally fictional, so I'll drop that idea straight away.

And I run this story past some critics, say four chaps from Yorkshire and they say you tell anyone that and they won't believe you, the others joining in a chorus of, 'They won't!' ... and of course, there's no chance whatever with such a tale, so best to just drop it and write something about wimmin and John le Carre type plots instead.

And everyone lived happily ever after in the Matrix.



  1. Dinner will be stuffed aubergine. Lunch was a pork pie, crisps, and one of our own apples (Ellison's Orange).

  2. re 5: Are either the bottle or the glass wonky, or is it me??


    Ian J

    1. Er - this post starts at number 6 so may be it is you? :)

  3. 6. Eleven out of ten for creativity. Amazing ain't it how creative we've become thanks to the hierarchy trying to enslave us. Sooooooo grateful!

    Enough with trivialities though... Lunch was turkey casserole - homegrown carrots, bay leaves, thyme and parsley, shop bought lump of turkey breast weighing in 750 grams - means at least one more repeat performance - leeks, onions, homemade stock. Accomapanie dby sweet potato mash. Indulgent Tuesday side glass of Sauvignon blanc. Afters - dark choc and a cuppa. Dunno what's for later apparent from a lettuce from the garden.

  4. Yes, also glass and bottle wonky.

    That's quite some breast.

  5. There's a link between the advice given here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ISX9mW78Dw



    Not a fan of the woman but sometimes.....

  6. Have you read The Constant Gardiner?
    LeCarre knew or suspected something.

    1. Not yet.