Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday [15 and 16]

Lovely day out there - grey and wet, ha ha.

16.  Four vital items to view

I've let the cat out of the bag on two of them - InYerEar's which is quite an advance, the second is Suzanne Venker which I do believe that women and men should both watch.  The third was the surprising priest and that's vital if it can shift Catholic opinion because if it can, it's game over IMHO.

The fourth I'm not going to tell you about or where to find it, as not all eyes here are friendly.  But if you explore the totality of this site, you will find it.  I didn't find it slow going at all, in fact it is explosive.  Now, it needs to be protected.  Sometimes, publicity is a double edged sword, I try to keep traffic down here by discouraging certain types and if you're one of us, you'll know how to ferret - seek and ye shall find.  The implications are stunning.  When have you seen me use such language before?

15.  Sneaky move

Was going to wax lyrical about how it's so morale-boosting to get the chores done, the meal cooked, the washing done, then realised I sound like an old woman, something I was accused of even as a young man. And it was a woman accusing me.

Anyway, I was going to do that but was distracted by another recommended youtube - I'll say this, they certainly earn their keep.  First glance I groaned as beside it was a leftist TED talk, was about to delete but then saw the name - Suzanne Venker.  Whaaaaa?  Not the Suzanne Venker, shirley, one of my fave feisty femmes of all time?  Tell me she hasn't gone all feminazi, please!

You see, unlike ChristyO'Misty whom I've posted many times, a really gentle soul who learnt to speak out,   Suzanne Venker is one of the most hated anti-feminists in a long time, a firebrand, physically theatened by feminazi harpies and their antifa mates for years - she is one wild lady and I thought her great.  A bit like Michelle Malkin.

Frankly, I don't buy the title of the video, it's just not her to do a feminist trope.  So, intrigued, I put up with the first subscribe, sign-up thing, then the droning intro - why can't girls ever get to the point?  Finally she got to the point ... and how.  Yep, she has shifted a bit in position but not towards feminism but far more towards where I also am.  

I have two sets of politics - the first is the sort of thing we do everyday in the "nameday posts", the second is "man+woman together" issues from a definite point of view, that being that I want the indigenous west to wake up and the two sexes to get along.  At one end are the raving feminazis, at the other MGTOW whom even Christie understood.  But I'm with her in the middle.

Suzanne Venker seems less provocative now, maybe has mellowed a bit as I have but once I understood her sneaky vlog title, there was many a grin from me.  Hope you enjoy it.

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