Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday [1]

1.  Decision time soon for everyone

There's blogging and then there's history.  Those with not a lot to lose make hollow threats when they tell those with everything to lose that they should be doing this or that. The obvious issue with semi-complying with senselessness and lies, e.g. moving Cv material to another site is that they're still going to come after you, now with more impunity.  I'm well aware of this.

The alternative is to be defiantly heroic which is fine, the grand gesture as N.O. is removed entirely, followed by NOWP and then readers who've come to rely on N.O. being here do not have it.  But it does not stop there - also going down are my books - yes I can save those open source word and have started doing that.  But I also lose guestposters, early archives etc. ... in other words ... history.  All the reader contributor files go.  Obviously email, browser etc.  Again, they can be rebuilt elsewhere.  OoL disappears too, so there's Julia to consider.  All govt depts use my current email.  These are not factors to sniff at, esp. when it is to my advantage or survival in RL. Given the heart situation.

Against that, Blgr have been mild so far - a shot across the bows, a test case to see what I'll do.  For now, I'll keep it exactly as it is, Cv things en masse at NOWP, factual Cv and other issues here, but I don't expect that to go on that way.  As in any war, each side waits to see how the other responds.  Am I prepared to lose all?  Yes ... but not just yet.  I'm observing.

There is one other factor staying my hand and that is the massed trolls waiting with glee for N.O. to disappear.  I'm not inclined to oblige them just yet.

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