Thursday, October 14, 2021

Try these

Original language and usage please
  1. jejune
  2. avatar
  3. ketchup
  4. penguin
  5. dollar
  6. ballot
  7. mosquito
  8. sherbert
  9. hoi polloi
  10. canyon


  1. 2. Sanskrit - descent
    3. Chinese for "tomato juice"
    4. Welsh for "white head"
    6. small ball
    9. "the many" ?

  2. 2. Hindi or Sanskrit
    3. Mandarin -- 'fish sauce'
    5. German -- Joachimsthaler. 'Thal' cognate with English 'dale'.
    7. (?) Native American
    9. Latin
    10. Spanish -> Latin

  3. Hoi polloi Greek.
    Dollar I have as Dutch, near there anyway.
    Mosquito Spanish? Little fly.
    10 yes.
    8 various routes.
    No one has 1?

  4. Robbo:
    4. Spanish, 'little fatty'
    1. Latin, feeble

  5. Yes and dollar does seem Germanic, Bohemian.

  6. 3. I recently read a long article about ketchup, its origins and migration to the west as a tomato sauce. Lord Somber is quite correct that it was a fish sauce, not sure about the Mandarin origin though, it may have been from the Malay word for fish sauce.

  7. 1. At a guess I'd say Latin. Usage, maybe describing empty headedness. That's me to a tee!

  8. 5. Thalers were widely circulated silver coins minted in Germany / Austria, named because they came from, as LSomber says, Joachimsthaler. 'Dollar' is the dutch word for the coin - not many valleys in the Netherlands.