Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday all day

Just a look back, some analysis of what has just been, before we get to today's material.

3.  Back to the less than pleasant

Gamely brought to us by our determined Steve:

a.  Maricopa County:

Maricopa County Is At It Again! Arizona Residents Are Receiving The Wrong Mail-In Ballot For Local 2021 Election

b.  Fulton County:

Georgia Judge Ends Effort to Audit 2020 Election Ballots in Fulton County

c.  The Donald:

President Trump Releases Statement on Georgia Judge’s Decision Dismissing Inspection of Fraudulent Fulton County Ballots

[Before moving swiftly on, those of a more serious scholasticism, if he or she has been following this closely, will have noticed so much twisting and manoeuvering so as not to be brought to justice and so far, all there've been are angry letters, such that one of the senators said enough of all this nice exchange of letters, what's needed now is for someone, anyone, to stand up and start proceedings.  By any normal measure, there is copious prima facie and as for the audits - what a total farce, every step of the way cheating and prevaricating.  Were the President still in charge instead of the victim of the coup, then perhaps he could have started the ball rolling.]

2.  Two looks at the female - first with men, then with horses

a.  The man-woman one is Ladyva and Brendan K in the rail station clip below.  It was always going to be interesting after they did their train platform number - just how would they deal with 'the inevitable post action clinch'?  Maybe not interesting to you but to me it was.

She, being latina despite the Swiss residence, was clearly a hot number, he, despite his effusive extroversion on rail platforms, was still bound by his Englishness once close-in and as one who's done the inter-cultural exchange a few times ... well it was interesting to see how it played out.

There was clearly going to be the embrace, that went without saying, far more than his usual handshake which I've also used as the icebreaker in the past, the next bit was also fair dos, given they were both virtuosos and semi-celebs.  The kiss was asked of her, she presented the lips - interesting, I can't see a dour Swiss doing that, it was too much for him and he retreated to the peck on the cheek - that may have had something to do with his marital status, of which I know nothing beyond an apparent daughter.  Interesting little vignette.

b.  Going back in the mists of time before WN!, my first venture, post-yoof, into the fickle world of the female was with a horsy lady whom PG Wodehouse might have described.  I do wonder, you know, if owners of animals do become like their animals in any way.

Reason I mention it is this particular lady in my life did have a tendency to raise the hoof and fetlock and scrape my shin up the trouser hem under cafe tables.  Nice set of choppers too.  Plus a certain farmyard approach ... but enough of that. See Wodehouse and Honoria Glossop for further details on romantic technique.

1.  Historical analysis of righteousness and power

An exploration of righteous activism coupled with state power. It's a critical historical analysis that weaves a thread from the radicals of abolitionism and temperance through the early progressive movement to the Cultural Marxism of today. 

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