Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday [10]

11.  Lies

This only tangentially ties in with all the lies swirling about us now but it's still lies and the ever-present question - why?  

With the fraud, one can understand why - people are going to prison, masses of them, the DemRats then lose all control, the invaders are Iced Out and so it goes on.  The Great Reset is stopped.  Those are understandable lies by lowlifes at every level, on both sides of the divide.

This double question though - about who Sloopy was and who the dancer in the video was - is hardly earth shattering stuff.  Hardly anything a serious N.O. reader would be interested in.

And yet that question remains - why the endless lies?  One answer is that huge amounts of money, much litigation over lies and misrepresentation, not to mention royalties, are involved.

As for the female in it, the dancer, why the endless speculation?  As one commenter on about the third youtube I saw on the topic asked - oh for goodness sake, why does someone not just go and ask Derringer?  He's the McCoys' singer in the YT at the top here.  Or better still, go and ask the girl?  Both are alive.  One was Derringer's wife, Liz Derringer, the other is Lisa Dalton.  So why on earth does someone not just bloody well say?  End this rubbish.

Someone saying Liz D was Sloopy had an interview with her and that was fine, it was about her marriage and life - then it simply cut to the song and a script appeared, saying she was the dancer in Sloopy.  No evidence, no connection with the interview.  

The other one started well, it tracked down Lisa Dalton and how she'd got to that day of the video, I'd almost thought right, she's the one, that's it, but then the idiot started this Woke Cabalist trick of posting pie graphs which INSISTED that most polygraph tests and all that guff correlated with LD being the one.  The tone went up an octave and he was really pushing this.  

Which of course convinces that it was not her at all.

I'm still running with the reason for all this being some corporate honcho's security but a small part of the still extant brain says maybe that girl in the video was underage or a cult victim or it's even those absurd Hollywood laws about territory and films somehow being broken.

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