Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday [1 to 4]

Morning all, just got back and it's grey out there.

4.  The global left, Woke ArsTechnica

... actually has a sensible article up [H/T haiku]:

I spend most of my time these days investigating the uglier side of digital life—examining the techniques, tools, and practices of cyber criminals to help people better defend against them. It’s not entirely different from my days at Ars Technica, but it has given me a greater appreciation for just how hard it is for normal folks to stay “safe” digitally.

Even those who consider themselves well educated about cyber crime and security threats—and who do everything they’ve been taught to do—can (and do!) still end up as victims. The truth is that, with enough time, resources, and skill, everything can be hacked.

3.  Haiku with El Reg

Encrypted email provider Protonmail has hailed a recent Swiss legal ruling as a "victory for privacy," after winning a lawsuit that sees it exempted from data retention laws in the mountainous realm.

Referring to a previous ruling that exempted instant messaging services from data capture and storage laws, the Protonmail team said this week: "Together, these two rulings are a victory for privacy in Switzerland as many Swiss companies are now exempted from handing over certain user information in response to Swiss legal orders."
2.  Phantom Digger 

... with some cheerful news - another one bites the dust...

Co-Chair of Clinton Foundation Global Initiative Indicted.

1.  Steve

a.  Maricopa County:

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann: Arizona Attorney General Brnovich – “He Has Opened Up A Formal Investigation. He’s Gonna Hold People Accountable For Breaking The Law”

b.  Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Senate Finally Decides to Request Investigation into 2020 Election – Will They Finally Look Into Milwaukee?

c.  The Big Steal Breakdown: Democrat Group Claims Low Income Voters Increased Turnout by 15 Percentage Points in 2020 with Huge Turnouts in Battleground States to Give Joe Biden the ‘Win’

d.  Braincell update:

Email Confirms Biden Filled Kabul Planes With Unvetted Afghans – Biden Regime Wanted Numbers to Hoodwink Americans

e.  [Tricky questions]

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  1. "bites the dust...

    Co-Chair of Clinton Foundation Global Initiative"

    "Clinton" and "bites the dust" go well together. Will he be Epsteined?