Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday [5 to 7]

Cooler outside today, around 10 degrees or 50F.  Not as many political posts, there'll be more later.

7.  Good point

Why do BBC presenters receive such extraordinarily generous salaries? Supposedly they are paid some kind of market rate, but surely any jobbing actor could do what they do.

A more convincing explanation is that a huge salary is used to haul them into a particular social class and nail them there for the duration.
[The expression 'gravy train' does flit across the mind, just fleetingly.]

6.  Haiku

FB obviously using QAnon as an excuse to ban those users accessing QAnon - after recommending QAnon to those users in the first place?

5.  Phantom Digger

Weekend Twofer. Onefer the archives.

Sarah Westall interview with Maryam Henien re the stuff in the jib-jabs.

Maryam is the partner of Zac Vorhies a whistleblower of the company who shall remain nameless here.


  1. In the title.

    1. Not what it says on the tin! Letter to Faux Joe. Interesting, imho.

    2. Hot off the twitter press.

      "This is the argument the ghouls are honing. Don’t fall for it. As UK admitted in reporting this week, the vaccinated who catch “breakthrough” cases and recover aren’t seeing the same robust immunity as the Covid-recovered who weren’t previously vaccinated (page 23 of Thursday’"

    3. Now do the others.