Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday [5 to 9]

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9.  Kant Explain explains

Referring back to Sat 2:

The PHE document has some strange things.

They say 65% had at least one dose, 97% have antibodies yet only 19% of these antibodies come from infection alone.

They say that the vaccine prevents infection yet apart from the young, recently vaccinated, their figures show the opposite.

They say that the vaccine prevents transmission, and that there is no transmission without infection, yet their figures demonstrate that vaccination must therefore increase the chances of transmission.

And finally they do not consider whether vaccination itself, which after all creates parts of the virus, does not result in positive PCR tests. This in itself would create an large increase in false positives in the vaccinated, thereby suppressing their rates of hospitalisation and death. This would make it appear that the vaccine is effective in the most important categories.

8.  Over at OoL [only]

7.  Rossa's mother

Sorry it's the DM where else would you get such unbiased reporting, ha ha!!
So they highlight how much money is being made, but completely ignore the billions being made by Big Pharma from their so called vaccines, which have "saved the lives of millions"....what a joke.

6.  In Yer Ear

Eff this for an idea:

Great Reset = ESGs = Green New Deal socialism and corporate social credit scores instituted via Wall Street, no legislation needed 

They want middle-income millennials and zoomer to become a renter class of urban serfs.
5.  Phantom Digger

"Debunking The "Out Of Africa" Origin Of HIV & AIDS

The Greatest Conspiracy Story Ever Told" Alan Cantwell, MD

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  1. News from France.

    This Friday, in its last opinion, the High Authority of Health recommends not to use the Moderna vaccine for the booster dose, pending the opinion of the European Medicines Agency, due to a risk of myocarditis in younger patients.

    Since September 1, the recall campaign for the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine has been launched in France, for people over 65 and those suffering from comorbidities. Regarding this, the High Authority of Health (HAS) published a new opinion on Friday.

    Thus, the HAS now recommends, for the booster dose, not to use Moderna, at least temporarily, but only Pfizer, because of a risk of myocarditis or pericarditis which could occur in the youngest.

    This recommendation follows warnings from several Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, which have suspended or advised against the administration of this vaccine in adolescents or even in young adults under 30, explains Le Parisien.

  2. #7. 'Daily Mail Investigations Team'; it's afraid. Too cowardly to put any names to the risible tabloid smears. Fair play though, all of the best rated comments are calling them out and haven't been vanished.