Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday [11]

11.  Danger day today

This is the sort of day in the UK when the dreaded lurgy bug gets in.  I felt myself going, piled into bed after working hell for leather on the novel, now two novelettes, put in the navigation, made four new chapter 'shells' at the computer desk, had seen people outside with coats on, had not adjusted. Story was getting exciting.

For those not in the UK, this is the insidious cold which creeps up and if your extremities are not warm, you're in trouble, matey.  Heart started playing up, circulation, shivers, yikes, into bed.  But that slows circ, worst thing, need exercise, a wife would help in this situation.  Dropped off, awoke at 5 p.m., yikes, no quiz done!

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