Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday [9 to 14]

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14.  Carrie's pet

13.  Haiku

My family and I recently returned to Singapore after an overseas trip that, for the first time in over a year, did not require the ordeal of two weeks of quarantine in a hotel room.

Instead, returning travelers are required to stay at home, wear a government-issued tracking device, and stay within range of a government-issued Bluetooth beacon at all times for a week … or else. No visitors are allowed and only a medical emergency is a ticket out. 

But that sounded easy compared to the hotel quarantine we endured in 2020.
12.  Nice

11.  Honest journalism dead?

Don't think so among the new journos who are not just bloggers and vloggers but the reader/journo too.

10.  Haiku with the canny Scot on vitamin C

[You've seen the lemon slices in my drinks in the photos, so no argument over the various vitamins, every so often I walk out and get some D3.]

9.  IYE with Nathalie

My dad who is double-jabbed but has finally found out the deception runs deep & it’s really not ‘about health’ has said “no!” to the booster—which means his Vax Pass is probably not gonna be valid anymore. He doesn’t care—he’s never once used the “Nazi Pass.”

[What still gets me is how on earth people who've seen many things in their 70 or 80 years could possibly have been taken in by the govt on this.]


  1. Rearrange into the title of this article.

    Failure A History Long Moderna Of Had.

    Now fill in the blank

    Then Along Came -----

  2. John Durham gears up against the Alfa Bank conspiracy by Techno_Fog

  3. 'China’s People’s Liberation Army believes that biological weapons, not nuclear weapons, are the key to global military dominance.'

  4. Scaramanga is here. If we ever needed Bond now, now is the time. The latest rendition of 007 is disturbingly close to addressing a real and present danger (apologies for the cliché) but here we are.

    An evil actually pervades, literally across the Planet.

    Doesn't half get me down sometimes but I do truly believe that 'good' will prevail.

    I'm 62 , this devilry will continue but I honestly think our faith in general humanity will out.

    I have 4 children, 4 grandchildren too and I believe, I truly believe that collectively we will see these bastards off.

    Perhaps not in my lifetime . We are living through an extraordinary and horrifying time in history, something I didn't think possible but here it is.

    Maquis, Résistance, a fighter ...

    That's how I wish to be remembered.


    (Ironically my Web moniker is probably the worst I could have chosen but one has to have certainty and faith).