Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday [6 to 10]

10.  Adam

In this weekend’s edition of The Australian there were two articles that dealt with issues in the medical industry, and an industry is what it is. Doctors too keen to operate and The doctors betraying their oath to do no harm both caught my eye on Saturday morning. 
9.  DTW sums it up


8.  Longrider

Where to start with this risible claptrap? I am not a cis person. There is no such thing as a cis person. CIS is a term used in chemistry, not biology. I object to activists labelling me as if I fall into their ideology and go along with it. Some people feel that they are the wrong sex and I do know how that feels, but biology is biology and facts are facts. No one has ever been assigned anything at birth. In the two million years that mankind has walked the Earth, no one ever assigned a gender at birth – they will have noted the infant’s sex. That’s it.


7.  Rossa’s mother on the Vox Spartacus thing

Note the bit about graphene oxide being used to dull the anxiety part of the brain.  The author has also dropped red pill comments on 4chan, if you want the link I can send it. One was that you would wish you were dead if you have taken the vax as the consequences aren't very pleasant.....   

Just looked at the govt thing on mandatory vax, they can jump in a lake as far as I'm concerned, talk about mass murder, couldn't make it up.

Good reader, I do humbly submit that you dead tree note Vox’s url and then cybersave the text to word.  It will disappear very soon.  I also appeal to the cyberfunctionaries entrusted with taking down people telling the truth … why are you doing this?  Have people not the right to see and evaluate from informed sources within the field?

6.  Daily Sceptic makes interesting points

... in today's mailing:

In a previous post, I mentioned Paul Ormerod’s argument that governments have relied too heavily on epidemiologists, and not enough on economists, when crafting their responses to COVID-19. (For example, they’ve consistently failed to subject their own policies to rigorous cost-benefit analysis.)

However, survey evidence indicates that many economists were just as strongly pro-lockdown as the doctors, epidemiologists and public health scientists who’ve been advising governments.

In April of 2020, members of the ‘IGM economic experts panel’ (a sample of 44 academic economists based in the U.S.) were asked whether a “comprehensive policy response will involve tolerating a very large contraction in economic activity until the spread of infections has dropped significantly”. Of those who answered, zero per cent disagreed.


  1. "Redefinning Slavery, Freewill, What It Is To Be Human w/Celeste Solum Part 1"

    Sarah Westall's preamble starts after the ads 2 mins 40 in. Interview proper starts 10 mins 30. This is far-out woo, in my opinion. Make of it what you will.


    Here's the PhiloCode - one of the things mentioned in the interview.

    Part 2 available at Bitchute.

  2. Project Veritas expose Pharma part 3

    "Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;' There are "Unknown Repercussions""