Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday [6 to 10]

Ever onwards eh?

10.  Via Haiku

Vaxx victim memorial wall:

Just a few of the hundreds of thousands of victims of this genocide.

9.  DAD and Andy

8.  TPA emailed bulletin

Just love the terminology used:
The TPA made the long journey north to Preston on Friday to take part in the Lancashire Business Expo. Setting out our stall we spoke to hundreds of local entrepreneurs about our campaigns.
Yup, weze juss hicks up'n deze ear parts up north.  No London bubble for us.

7.  Haiku sends

Overall mortality rates in the UK are higher than they were last year. And what is more - death rates for vaccinated are higher than for the unvaccinated!
Yeeesss, wonder how many were vaccinated?  Let's say it was 70% - who knows?  Then logically, if the virus and other things were just as they always were, nothing special but still nasty for certain groups and individuals, as happens in medicine, then the majority of those getting sick will be vaxxed, even if that appears to argue against the vaxx being especially bad.

But it doesn't argue against that because the only people telling the truth are our side.

6.  AKH and the NHS

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