Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday [5]

5.  Vague memories of Captain Ranty and Freeborn John

Phantom Digger sent:

second attempt - website froze, then unreachable, then claims of "no internet" which was a fib, then....

"What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" - Documentary"

Clif High posted that on his twitter feed with the comment "Tourist promo for Australia, from 2012. Showing how far back people were stumbling into down under woo..." 


Right, so who is the lawful govt here in these here isles?  Is it that lot in Westminster or is it The Crown?  And what is The Crown?  Is it Her Majesty or the people whose permission she needs to enter the City?

Has that ever been rescinded?  What redress is there for the freeborn Englishman?  Who voted for The Crown?  Or for that matter, the monarchy?  When was the plebiscite?

Was it in 1215?  Or was there never a plebiscite and rather than the rule of law, it's the rule of force?  Political will is ten points of the law?

We did cover this at the old blog which was lost.


  1. The lawful govt is The Crown in Parliament. Anyone who can get his head round the notion of The Holy Trinity should find The Crown in Parliament a cakewalk.

    1. Easiest thing in the world for a believer to understand the Trinity, esp. the third person - impossible for an unbeliever because he simply has not bought the key. The Crown though is a near impossible thing for the ordinary Brit to understand, forever thinking it is the Monarch. it is not, not even within parliament. She understands though and so does the City.

  2. Robbo:
    1688 Bill of Rights established the way things were to be after the James 2 to William of Orange transition / revolution. Just a series of incremental changes since then.

  3. Re the 'Who are You, on the Oz gummunt, Video. Does 'Scott', the person of interest here, have a Tafe Certificate Three in questioning an MP? Is he licenced to send letters to Gummunt Depts? Has he been vaccinated?

    Ananotherthing..... The word 'Bugger' is a registered expletive. Scott's lady friend must pay Royalties, and it is no use her claiming to be a cartoon. Cartoon characters have responsibilities.

  4. Crown and other stuff from archives. All I can do for the foreseeable. RL things to attend to.