Monday, September 27, 2021

Move two matches

... in order to make a correct equation:

To make it easy on us in your answer, may we 'letter' the matches thus:

a.b: first two verticals
c,d.e: first three horizontals
f,g: second two verticals
h: minus sign
i: left vertical in the 4
j: attached horizontal
k,l: next two verticals
m,n: equals sign
o,p: first two verticals in the 6
q,r,s: three horizontals in the 6
t: remaining vertical in the 6
u.v: the two verticals making up the 1

Designate where you move the two matches you do in any way you see fit.


  1. My first instinct on seeing it was to turn the puzzle upside down. Can't be doing with the alphabet soup so I'm leaving it alone. Probably a red herring.

  2. I would move match a to the space above match t, then find a way to move match b next to match h so that the equation becomes 3^4 = 81

    How to show 'to the power of@ is my problem!

    Ian J

  3. Well well well, the Phantom scores high points for ingenuity but nowt for infinite patience. Ian scores highly for ingenuity and also for inventiveness. I score nothing for falling asleep at the crucial moment. 🤪

  4. I think the Phantom is on the right track. 19-11=8 but I think he knew that all along.

  5. Upside down:

    19 does indeed = 11 + 8