Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday [9 till close of play]

Hi de hi!  Special 'sleeping on the job' edition.

18.  Leggy on the fake shortage

In a rerun of the toilet paper fiasco, people are now filling entirely unsuitable containers with petrol and in many cases will be turning their homes into potential infernos. Why? Same reason as the toilet paper game. The media have told them there is a petrol shortage and petrol stations are going to run out of fuel.

Almost certainly gearing up for our Winter of Discontent. Sitting in the arnchairs, saying, "You know what we haven't had for a few decades now?"

17.  Where the Donald goes wrong

... in the eyes of the treasonous DemRats and RINOs is that he simply cannot understand anyone not loving his/her nation, wanting it to be strong.  He simply cannot understand people who grew up enjoying the fruits of the land wanting to be subsumed by Communist China, creating a muddy sludge with Hapsburg chins most like.

The Republicans in the Senate have the cards, including political cards, to stop the onslaught of Democrat Legislation that will further lead to the destruction of the United States. The 19 Senators who voted for the (non) Infrastructure Bill, of which only 11% is infrastructure as we know it, have created a big setback for Republicans. They can’t make mistakes like that again. They must play every card in the deck!
16.  Coming back to the manufactured supply chain crisis

Was chatting to Da Man today [this is actually a serious item after the previous few] who gets the supplies in and he was saying there was no crisis just now beyond the petrol "crisis" in the UK.  You'll recall this from Da Phantom earlier:

That's a US site so it will be interesting to see what happens here. Admittedly I no longer drive, so not at the cutting edge but he does and he gets feedback up and down the UK.  Weather eye on this one - the enemy is desperate to stop travel, is it not?  Jab mandates, fuel crisis, keep everyone home!

15.  I'm employing Grand-Mère Toodles to admonish Ian J
Ho de Ho! 
We're a super-serious site here, no fun allowed!  Not even if I burnt my undies and lost my sausage.  Wouldst thou jest at a man's discomfort in deep slumber?  Should he be put to sleep for the good of all or at least put out to pasture?

14.  That sidebar picture quiz question

Ian J says "I'm spoilt for choice:"

but think I'll go for:

The Long and Winding Road:

13.  DAD with French news

Not content with a face slap in June, this time it's an egg to the face for Macaroon [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, DISTURBING FOOTAGE]:

12.  Phantom Digger

a.  Supply chains breaking down....Part of the "plan" Stan?

b.  [That Crown biz once more:]

Crown and other stuff from archives. All I can do for the foreseeable. RL things to attend to.

11.  Whilst on the subject of haiku

a.  He sends this little note and links:

Beatrice (my domestic) - when asked how her weekend fared - told me that she had received a box of mixed vegetables from some or other [presumably political] party.

To those plussed non by this, just a reminder that haiku lives in the South African Raj and were he to have a multistoreyed residence, would probably also have an upstairs-downstairs maid, chosen from today's wimminon bikes.

b.  Here he awakens, like the kraken, from a long snooze and sends a double:

... and notes it's Not the Nine O'Clock News.

c.  Finally, he reminds us that once the Zulu warriors start protesting the poisoned jab, it's game, set and match:

10.  Haiku develops a severe case of wisdom

Quoting CS Lewis again:
If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things-praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts-not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies (a microbe can do that) but they need not dominate our minds."

On Living in an Atomic Age, 1948
9.  The N.O. Awards

For infinite patience in ferreting out this - der Phantom:

Crown and other stuff from archives. All I can do for the foreseeable. RL things to attend to.

For inventive klutsiness in the past few hours:

Me for setting a quiz, promptly falling asleep and burning my sausages to a crisp, plus losing my underpants ... but not at the same time.

For being an annoying tit:

Also me for setting another quiz question in garish green - which Beatles song goes with the picture in the sidebar?


  1. I'm spoilt for choice;

    Fool on the hill,
    Driving my car,
    but I think I'll go for:
    Long and Winding road,

    Ian J

    PS. Hope you caught the cinders in time

  2. If the "fuel crisis" in the UK persists then there's a potential problem transporting supplies also it was reported that there's a shortage of truck drivers caused by ? Die off amongst the jabbed? Who knows. The Swab-meister's next scenario after the plandemic was a "what if" on a disruption in the supply chain which could be a many-pronged attack. For instance an internet blackout which he mentioned specifically, would have a huge impact because we're so reliant on it now. No access to our bank accounts, can't order anything online, can't use bank cards, no comms ------ fill in the blanks. We're in the midst of a war and the enemy is throwing everything at us. Prudent to remember that and be prepared for the worst but hope it won't happen.

    1. And another thing. There's no shortage of fuel from what I've read. It is protesters blockading refineries because Them have hiked up the prices every month this year. That is what is stopping the fuel deliveries getting through or was last Friday when I last checked. Anything could have happened in the meantime though. That volcano could have gorn orf big time and we all wake up tomorrow morning living closer to the beach...... :)


    2. By coinkydink - Clif High just put up a video "Wave Woo" Tsunami waves - how they work."

  3. response to 15:

    Apologies, no offence intended, just an auto-response! I've been known to burn the bottom of a saucepan before -that was german sausage though, so I probably deserved it! I still have the saucepan, a bit buckled, but good for steaming!

    Thanks for an entertaining evening!

    Ian J

  4. Steve

    Planet Covid (Doctor Death Edition):

    Dr Judy Mikovits warns Fauci may release More deadly bioweapons on the world

    On Pandemic Babies (Quinta Columna React)

    This Might Help Explain Why The Police In Melbourne Are So Violent

  5. UK Govt's Plan B Scenario - proposal for mandatory jabs.

  6. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    As We Reported Months Ago: Maricopa County Hired Two Firms to Audit its 2020 Election Results – Senate Audit Confirms Their Work Was Shoddy at Best

    Despite Tens of Thousands of Issues Already Identified in Arizona Audit, Likely Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots Have No Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation

    Pattern Identified in Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal Revealed in DetroitLeaks Tapes on Provisional Ballots

    Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich: “If We Don’t Stand Up Now And Protect The Constitution And Rule Of Law, We’ll Never Get It Back.”

    Fulton County:

    Garland Favorito from VoterGA: We Believe We Can Easily Prove the Fulton Attorneys Were Misleading Court (AUDIO)

  7. Hoarders of petrol and toilet paper might be advised that the latter soaks up the former quite well, and could act as a 'storage' medium. I am sure there are mathematicians of engineers here who could tell us just how much petrol can be soaked up by the average bog roll.The 'Pet-bog' ratio.

  8. Toodles.

    Admonish Ian J? Hardly.

    Reading N15. it seemed I woke in the middle of your nightmare. What is he going on about, I wondered...still am wondering.

    Instead, it is Mr. N.O. himself, who needs admonishing.

    There are several reasons for a good scolding, but in particular for falling alseep with your ummmm uhhh food burning to a crisp. It could have been you and your neighbors being burnt to a crisp! No more sitting down while cooking your whatever's!

    Now that I am Admonisher in Residence I must be more careful and deliberate with with my repremands.

    Shuuuurrrre I will.

    If you are referring to my reprovement of the bike girl on the other post for wearing her see through nightie with contrasting coloured undies in public, well...certainly it is her perogative. At the same time it is the perogative of you dirty old men to view!

    You are all going to Hell...o!

    No no no teasing (just a little)! The good Lord made girls nice for boys to admire.

    Can you guess which one I am?

    Noooope. Wrong! That one is not me.

    My hoop skirt and pantaloons must be accomodated by the cycle, ya know!. Also, my parasol must have a basket for safe keeping. I believe I might be easy to recognise!

    Ian J! Good guesses even in the midst of that particular pea soup green colour!

    See? I can give praise too!