Monday, September 20, 2021

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10.  Anything for us to ... er ... worry about here?

Well, as we warned, the Evergrande contagion has finally arrived and with China closed for holiday traders are getting out while they can and where they can, and on Monday morning in Asia that means Hong Kong, where Evergrande - which is about to default - has crashed by another 13% this morning and is on track to close at its lowest market cap ever (to be expected ahead of a bankruptcy that will wipe out the equity)...
The PhantomDigger has:

David Morgan (Silver specialist) and Clif High (Woo) discuss silver and end of fiat currency, CH's data analysis and some other stuff:

Was thinking whether to insert Svali into this now as a serious addition to the discussion which really, it would reward you to watch above.  Again, this below is an "interview with former Illuminati member and mind control victim known as Svali, with interviewer HJ Springer, Chief Editor 2000".  This is the relevant bit for today:
The random factor in all of this is how the average citizen reacts. It can't be predicted, although Illuminati leadership will often invent different scenarios, and try to decide how they will act if the ordinary citizens react in an unexpected manner.

I was told that around 2020, the Illuminist agenda would be revealed openly. I don't know if this is accurate, or just propaganda that I was taught, or if they have changed this date since I was in the group.
The boys in the Bitchute above also mention the coming out into the open, Clif calls it in reaction to the woo rising through the cracks or as he calls it - the overwoo.  The idea is that the power will keep crashing into the reality, e.g. the US dollar, bouncing off and still try to retain control of the narrative through massive intervention worldwide - we see that in the media campaign, businesses vaxx mandating, all sorts of ways.

Idea is to drive the economy down sufficient to keep control but not so far that the natives rise.  Way to do that is get over half the natives onboard with them, being the kindly and reasoned side, as against us, the angry nutters.

It's the timing which is the critical point here, as pointed out before.  The word she uses for the controlling group is very Year 2000 if you remember the issues of the time.  Today they use other words - same people though.  In 2003, there was much attention on the Knights Templar. We're still talking the same lot, coat of many colours.

Within the same discussion here in Mon [10] I believe is the Rumble video about who runs the companies worldwide and that's buried at NOWP but it's relevant and supported by his pdf.

9.  Once a horse's backside ...

... always a horse's backside and I'm not referring to Guido but Lucas:

Pity the previously pretty pixie - diseased mind, sad.

8.  Dilbert plus and exchange [h/t haiku]


  1. David Morgan (Silver specialist) and Clif High (Woo) discuss silver and end of fiat currency, CH's data analysis and some other stuff.

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