Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday [1]

Welcome to the new week, chaps and chapesses.

1.  Steve

a.  Planet Covid (Disease For All Seasons Edition):

Owner Of Diagnostic Lab Reports 20 Times Increase Of Cancer In Vaccinated Patients

b.  Nurse claims fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients are being treated with Ivermectin whilst the unvaccinated are being put on ventilators

c.  New Missouri COVID whistleblower: Hospitals are lying to the public about COVID.. and I can prove it

d.  62 per cent of all excess deaths since March 2020 have occurred at home; but just 3 per cent are associated with Covid-19 – Are the Covid-19 Vaccines killing thousands?

e.  3 Months Before COVID, the EU Union Was Swallowing the Vaccine Soup Served by Gates and Big Pharma


  1. Have you seen the latest publicity for I-Phone 13 ? Babylon Bee introduced me to the video.

    1. Babylon Bee parody. I have both sent here - real Apple and Bee. There may be trouble brewing.