Friday, September 17, 2021

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Apocalyptic Friday, what?

6.  American Thinker again

5.  Phantom DiggeR 

Addendum - two unconnected but interesting, imho, links for your perusal.

Clif High recommended reading the first two chapters of this:

"4th Generation Warfare Handbook".

Another source for links on various topics. 

Have a good one! :)

4.  PS writes

Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians. "Looks like things are about to get very intense. Be brave, be calm, be good. We will win this war”

3.  Of Twitter and flying creatures

Were Twitter of no value at all, or of little value, there would not be the pitched battle with the Donald and all of us v Them, doing everything possible to get us off there or at least to go this Karen-censorious blue-tick nonsenseroute, the kiss of death for decent people.

Were someone like Dan Bongino to argue that there's no choice but to behave and be Woke-approved - for that's what blue-tick is - then there's the dilemma in one. Write something worth reading or be a good boy and be allowed to stay there.

In my quite minor way, reaching around 130,000 per month by their algorithm, which is nothing by Twitter standards, why would they bother suspending me for twelve hours?  All I have to do is give them my personal details, inc. phone, so they can contact me and all is well, I can come back.  

Note that they haven't officially suspended me, as that would be making a potential martyr, I'm still there in their eyes, even though they know exactly what they've done.  And I imagine not many would even remember me on Twitter, so they achieve all they wish in my refusal to give them my details, much of which they can get in practical terms anyway.  

And what was it over?  Over Chauvin - a minor sidestory in a different country to where I am.  Think that one through. What therefore is worth fighting for on Twitter?  The answer is instant viral spread of anything posted, whether or not it's picked up on by followers personally - it still appears in their timeline.

Plus, without access to that instant news around the world, it reduces the value of this blog itself, unless someone acts as the eyes and uses, say, NOWP or some other means to feed snippets.  As you see, the NOWP route has [temporarily] ended.

To say this is moaning is like saying, in a football game - the other side just kicked a goal, it's soooo unfair. I mean, it's part of the game, innit?

At ground level

That's the global situation but where it really strikes home is when they hit you amidships locally, with things such as no loo roll or not being able to go into stores to shop for basic foodstuffs or even something worse than that.  To illustrate that, I'm going to have to resort to a J Swift or Aesop tactic.

Imagine that the people of a land who'd grown lazy and self-entitled still had fields of wheat, corn, barley being grown by state farmers and available at state food points, called Joseph barns.  Of course you need your vaxx passport and blue ticks of approval for that.

Strangely, what's disappeared is people, animals, birds.  They slaughtered the animals because of methane farts - climate change dontchaknow, and the birds because a govt study, adopted like a virus by govts around the world, found that birds were causing bird flu, which the lab grown viruses were also lumped in with and all called bird flu for he govt stats.

The poets and pundits all bemoaned how it was in the days of a once living, vibrant land where the people were by-and-large at one [before the forced gene-pool muddying].  The Great Reset, Building Back Better. 

No one stomped on the dot which was causing all the trouble. Them knew no one would - human nature.  No one dared, they were hiding away at home, 'protecting' their families.

The govt saw that the people no longer had flying creatures from whom to hear daily birdsong in the trees, so out of state compassion, Them decided to reintroduce wildlife and so, at strategic points up and down the land, ten at a time, they introduced a new hybrid, lab grown form of locusts - five males, five females, fast breeding.

The rest of the story you can imagine.

2.  Steve

War Room:

Episode 1,263 – Milley Will Turn On Joe Biden

Episode 1,264 – What the Federal Reserve Could Have Been

Planet Covid (The Dead Tell No Tales Edition):

a.  Covid-19 deaths are 58 times higher than this time last year and 78 per cent of those dying had the Covid-19 vaccine according to Public Health data

b.  News-channel fishing for stories of unvaccinated dying from Covid-19 gets over 182,000 responses of Vaccine injuries and deaths instead.. and the list is still growing

c.  Whistleblowers claim elderly patients in a US Care Home were “chemically restrained” and forced to take Covid Vaccine, leading to their deaths

d.  Chris Whitty is the one who should be ashamed; he will have blood on his hands once they start to vaccinate children

e.  Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows The Whistle On Covid

f.  The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? Never?

[US Fraud Watch]

g.  Maricopa County:

Final Arizona Audit Report Hearing Scheduled – Results To Be Released Next Friday Sept. 24th at 1:00 PM

h.  Pennsylvania:

Why Would Yesterday’s Vote in the Pennsylvania Senate for 2020 Election Subpoenas Exclude the Ballots Counted and the Voting Machines Used?

i.  Braincell update:

Joe Biden Forgets Australian Prime Minister’s Name, Refers to Him as “That Fellow Down Under” (VIDEO)

j.  Texas Congressman: Border Town “Completely Overrun.. Virtually No Border in Del Rio, Migrants Are Crossing Back and Forth from Mexico with Ease” (Video)

k.  6,000 Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens Gather Under an International Bridge in Del Rio Waiting to Be Released Inside US

l.  Biden Effect: Taliban Hunt Down Afghan Journalists – Beat Them with Batons, Electrical Cables and Sticks for Covering Women’s Protest

m.  Former Secretary of Defense Esper Was Reportedly Involved with General Milley In Rogue Calls with China

1.  American Thinker

Yes, it's come full circle.  Woe to those who call white black and black white or sommit like that.  Only it's nowt to do with actual colour.

Facebook has shut down advertising for a new song by John Ondrasik, called "Got Blood on My Hands," about Joe Biden's disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.  They did it on the typical spurious grounds of "violation of terms of service."  The song denounces Biden's abandonment of thousands of Americans and allies behind enemy lines, the needless deaths of thirteen service members, all the best of the best, and names names of the culprits in the fiasco.

Boy, is this a cold, angry song.  And a very good one.  Listen.


  1. Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians.
    Looks like things are about to get very intense. “ Be brave, be calm, be good. We will win this war’”

  2. Another source for links on various topics.