Thursday, August 05, 2021

Thursday 10 till close of play

To the bitter end.

15.  Do old guys ever lose their edge? :)

14.  Steve

a.  Planet Covid (Bastille Edition): Damning Letter to Macron from French Colonel:

b.  Vaccine Fail!

c.  World’s Elderly Population Targeted with 3rd COVID-19 Shot for Those Who Survived the First Two:

d.  Of interest: Oh, Mr Rothschild! 

13.  Video players

#  YT is the most professional, technically, but the censorship makes it near useless.

#  Best overall is BitChute, no censorship, it let’s us adjust dimensions too.

#  Brand New has no censorship, can adjust dimensions but sometimes iffy.

#  Poorest is Rumble - the Java is poor, no censorship nut also no 2D adjust.

12.  Rossa's mother

Clif_high explains something I didn't realize about Operation Warp Speed: the Cult's plan was for us to be locked down until 2025 and only then would they roll out the vaccines. Because, you know, it takes time for them to be developed and tested, right? You can't just conjure up a vaccine in a few months.

By forcing them to be rolled out as soon as possible, Trump:

a) made it clear to those of us paying attention that the vaccines were somehow already patented and ready to go in an impossibly short time,
b) spared the US - and probably the world - a 5 year hard lockdown and
c) exposed everyone to the true nature of the vaccines now instead of only in 2025.

Start at 38 mins but the whole thing is really worth a watch and has some solid advice for this month.

That’s the blurb but there are two criticisms, one technical.  The tech one I’ll start a new post section on, he other is one of the commenters:

I watched all 52 minutes of this. There was a lot of information, some of it new, some observations, theoretical predictions, and some pretty good advice on how to respond as hell unfolds.

I do have to say I haven't seen such information so poorly presented since college, where professors are only required to “know” stuff and the responsibility for making sense of their incoherent ramblings is placed squarely on the shoulders of the paying customer.


11.  Torquaymada

Looks like the Washington Post (of all publications!) just opened the gate out of the reservation....

10.  DR at NOWP

a.  Dr Charles Hoffe: “The health authorities asked me NOT to say anything negative about the experimental vax, even if there are adverse effects. Those things called ‘vaccines’ are more dangerous than Covid.” 

— Nat (@Arwenstar) August 5, 2021

#LeaveOurKidsAlone— DJSharpieD (@SharpieDj) August 5, 2021

b.  Distant Relative
on August 5, 2021 at 15:57 said:
Malevolent Mad Macron wants you to have a third jab as two is simply not enough, not nearly enough!!!

— Gillian McKeith (@GillianMcKeith) August 5, 2021


Not well. Dog tired all day. Not up to reading or digging, sorry. Back to bed shortly. Flare up of RhA – been through it before. See you anon.

[Get well ... better anyway.]


  1. Steve

    Planet Covid (Bastille Edition):

    Damning Letter to Macron from French Colonel

    Vaccine Fail!

    World’s Elderly Population Targeted with 3rd COVID-19 Shot for Those Who Survived the First Two

    Of interest:

    Oh, Mr Rothschild!

  2. Steve


    Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Launches Petition to Decertify the 2020 Election

    Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward Slams Corrupt Election Officials for “Violating” State Law; Says America’s Audit is “Holding Them Accountable”


    More Voter Frau Allegations in Several Georgia Counties Including: Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, and Clayton Counties (VIDEO)


    Wisconsin Election Officials Quietly Remove More Than 200,000 from Their Voter Rolls


    Information from Code MonkeyZ Provides Additional Proof that Michigan Election Leaders Absolutely Destroyed Evidence When Changing Batteries in Voting Machines


    Soros Backed Colorado Secretary of State Called Meeting to Steal Elections Into Perpetuity, Instead Massive Crowd Attends and Calls for Forensic Audit of 2020 Election


    Captain Seth Keshel Speaks to Jordan Conradson – Discusses His Election Analysis Methods: “It’s The #1 Issue” (VIDEO)

  3. 14a. One of the chaps mentioned in the letter

    Who breeds these types? i'm beginning to think they're robots.... \_0_/