Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday [4 to 6]

6.  The War Generation

Been looking at generations again, yes, sorry to relate, because I'm in a curious position that most of my friends are either 7 years younger than I am or else around the late 70s to mid 80s.  

And I have a most sheepish attitude towards my elders and betters.  A more cautious and respectful attitude towards those who've seen far more than I have.  More on that further down.  

First the generations again: if we start in the latter part of the 1800s, through to the current day, I count 9 generations.

The 'middle' generation in this time frame is the Boomer and the middle of 'Boomerhood' itself is the year 1954.  

Allow me to set out a chart:
[1] Late C19th [1877 to 1894]

Mid-year 1886, that person would be 135 years today.

[2] Pre-turn-of-the-century [1894 to 1911]

Mid-year 1903, that person would be 118 years today.

[3] 'Greatest' [1911 to 1928]

Mid-year 1920, that person would be 101 years today.

[4] 'War' [1928 to 1945]

Mid-year 1937, that person would be 84 years today.

[5] Boomers [1945 to 1962]

Mid-year 1954, that person would be 67 years today.

[6] Gen X [1962 to 1979]

Mid-year 1971, that person would be 50 years today.

[7] Millennials [GenY] [1979 to 1996]

Mid-year 1988, that person would be 33 years today.

[8] Gen Z [1996 to 2013]

Mid-year 2005, that person would be 16 years today.

[9] Current [some call it Gen A] [2013 to 2030]

Mid-year 2022, that person would be minus 1 years today.
Taking an example, say a mid-Boomer, birthdate 1954, and assuming a normal pattern for then [before marriage fell apart and the age for it later and later], we can assume he would complete his schooling in 1971, go to university or not, probably marry at what - 24 years? First child in 1979?  Moving onto maybe 1983?

So the child of the mid-Boomer is on the cusp of two generations, which wrecks it a bit as generations are generations, not advertising categories.  In fact, the tendency for late marriage extends the post Boomer generations in length and maybe those earlier are narrower.

In other words, in real terms, we might still be in Gen Z in 2021.  But we're certainly getting past the Millennial stage now.

The War Generation

As mentioned, a significant proportion [but dwindling through natural attrition], this chap was born 1928 to 1945, the midpoint being 1937, that mid-generation chappy being 84 today.

He was a child in the latter days of the depression, just coming into war, he was more Korea and Vietnam, he's the first of the radical poets, he's a real mix of influences.  He's seen hardship but also progress and some sort of comfort in later years until he sees it going backwards again now.

I'm not really comfortable disagreeing with him publicly and if he says something online I disagree with, better more often than not to just shut it in my case.  He could not have been my parent, too young, he's that diagonal generation ahead of me, as Gen X is after me.

Now, my only criticism, truly my one and only - how the hell did someone that old and experienced get hoodwinked into double poisoning?  Especially when the young today are not hoodwinked that way.  

One assumes the long in the tooth have seen it all - how on earth could they be so stoopid as to turn out in droves for that poisoned jab?

5.  Just a few I may have missed

a.  Steve:

Collusion indeed..

Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Purposely Under-reporting and Editing Adverse Affects of COVID Vaccines

b.  Ripper:

[i]  According to the CDC, there is no pandemic

[ii]  Louise Hampton at the London Freedom Rally

[iii]  Why I wear my mask

[iv]  For James :-)

[On that last one, they should have heeded Lord Somber when he wrote of noise-overs and how they crank up the volume way too high.  Ruins it.]

4.  Daily Sceptic mailing
People should stick to the behaviours that have become “second nature” over the past year of lockdowns, such as mask-wearing in crowded spaces, according to the latest Government ad campaign. But if clubs and bars are anything to go by, many people would much rather return to normal.

Thousands of punters packed out venues across the country on Friday night – the beginning of the first weekend since ‘Freedom Day’. But with the introduction of vaccine passports in sight, it is unclear how long this will be allowed to last.

We’re then directed to the govt organ the Wail for further compliance training.  Does it not strike any mask fiend out there that this is precisely the sort of craven attitude the Narrative is hourly feeding society.  Appalled that DS even uses the framing.  My framing is that of Louise Hampshire - they don’t frame the issue, we do, for ourselves, for our own families.

To me, the very worst part is the way medical staff are selling their souls and embracing this poor medical treatment.  Look again at Dr. Robert Malone and how appalled he was at how his own colleagues started abetting this evil.

To the point that confidence in the medical profession must surely be at an all time low, particularly among the young.  What I’m personally appalled by, apart from that, is the generation ahead of mine.  There’s a post coming up on that.

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  1. Re. Sunday 6. Long in the tooth. These (I too) grew up in an era of trust.The NHS Police, and their staff were dedicated, honest and concientious. Come out all hours, had proper training and experience. No leaping up the ranks because of a degree in something, anything. No professional Management and all the other guff.
    Faith is gone now. We may sympathise with real doctors and nurses and police constables (do they even exist now? and what happened to District Nurses?) because they have lost faith as well.
    Some mature people might still have faith, and cannot bring themselves to face the reality. Never mind, Lessons Will Be Learned. Just take the Soma.