Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday [1 to 4]

Into dawn’s early light.

4.  Sigh

Sometimes it’s so difficult to keep from using bad words in the company of ladies but really and truly … this thing about “cases” and R numbers [whatever they are] is nothing but an orgy of mass-debating, totally meaningless in the context of the ‘Sandbags for the Dyke’ post yesterday morning and our crew’s ferreting behind it.  Sigh.  

And yet Toby sticks doggedly with it, then gets confused:

However, it cannot be true that daily cases have fallen for the ninth day in a row since they stood at below 25,000 on July 26th and now stand at 29,622. It appears that MailOnline means that this is the ninth day in a row in which the daily toll is less than it was exactly one week before.


Meanwhile, yesterday’s Guardian reported that daily cases had gone up for the second day in a row.

The daily number of Covid cases reported in the U.K. has risen for the second day in a row, although experts have cautioned against drawing premature conclusions from the fluctuations.

On Thursday, 31,117 cases were reported in the UK, up from 27,734 the day before, which marked the first rise in cases since July 20th.

How can this be put politely?  Listen, you wood ducks, stop chasing your tail feathers round and round and open your eyes as to what’s going down.  And Hooray Toby, wake up, man, seriously.  Look beyond your M25 bubble [in the US, the Beltway] and start posting meaningful articles on it … please?

3.  Not without parallels with N.O.

Sorry to spring this song on you first thing Saturday morning but there are parallels.  One thing about this band was that it’s been going 35 years, I never knew that, and the well fed grandma who rules with a rod of iron knew she had a star on her hands with Linda, the violinist, the best player they ever had.

Linda tried pastures new but one day, the band were in a town near her and she went along to watch.  Very soon, she was guest playing and it was an interesting piece of interaction indeed:

Keep an eye on the girl on guitar on our right, right at the very back, self-effacing, the early dialogue is interesting.  She’s actually their new violinist, took over when Linda left.  What became apparent was she lent her violin to Linda for the guest spot and truth is … Linda is a star, no two ways, she could fill an event easily on her own.

Another interesting character is the tall accordion player, the leader, whose words at the end of the clip: “Linda … linda …” are interestingly spoken.  Still, they’re girls and we’re mainly boys but personally, I’m glad Linda is still welcome with the band.  It’s … nice.  The circle is unbroken.

2.  Ripper … few snippets...

[Just looking at those … particularly interesting.]

1.  My mate up the road

Everyone needs homespun wisdom somewhere in the household or in the neighbourhood and my mate comes out with smackeroo blurbies every so often.  For example:
People are like boats going down the river - first crashing into the left bank, then swinging drunkenly into the right bank, then violently over to the left bank again … never steering a sane course down the middle.
I embellished it a bit, made it a canal and said the ideal was people steering a course just right of centre but essentially, the idea was his.  Another of his was about pizza:
Politics is like a loaded pizza.  The dumbos, egged on by pollies, keep pushing the pizza, increment by increment, towards the edge of the table until one day the whole shebang falls over the edge.  People never see it until over it goes with all its pretty toppings.
Another was yesterday … he doesn’t claim to be the originator … wwweeellllll, just a bit maybe … and it’s succinct:
The process IS the punishment.
Absolutely.  The idea is not that you actually do the time, it’s that you are punished, made to suffer, are mistreated for your temerity.  They’re still after Trump’s tax records, for no reasonable reason except as a deterrent and to make him suffer.  Thirteen months for Tommy Robinson on a really soft technicality was not the issue … he issue was the pathetic technicality, plus the terror, for example putting him in a high Mussie klink, unusual and inhuman treatment.

Brittany Selner was thrown into prison, never said boo to a goose all her life … why?  Because she was going to interview TR.  Roger Stone and what happened to him … also all the Clinton suicides … General Flynn.  The diabolically driven lowlifes who were once the nation’s protectors … no mercy, vicious little bastards … scumbags.  Cressida Dick, Brazilian blood dripping from her hands … and so on.  Lowest of the low … so they make her Chief of Police.

Pelosi with a man’s jockstrap over her nose.  And of course, scum of the earth like her, the High Slapper, the Semiramis of the day, get off scot free, just as with Clinton, Waters, Heels Up. Swalwell and Fang Fang.  Biden is as low as a usurper could ever hope to be, his son a vile creature, as bad as he is.  Let’s not start on Johnson over here - ask about various progeny scattered around, ask about Darry the Iranian and a certain journalist.  Hardly ever brought to book.

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