Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday [6 to 10]

10.  Not bad thinking for a Gen X

The CDC isn't merely evil, it's cruel. Now they're openly mocking their own victims in their propaganda. Even more than lying, the wicked love to deceive by telling people exactly what they're doing in a manner that somehow prevents the average person from believing them. It's clear that those who are pushing the vaccine on everyone have an even lower opinion of the NPCs who are dumb enough to believe them than those who see through them do.

9.  Throwback colonies like Canada

… are always going to be the ones to implement these sorts of things, rather than countries where the loonies just rabbit on about them:

Trouble is, can’t think of any western nations not regressive these days.  People seem determined to lose their independent humanity.  They are indeed DEVO.

8.  Ian, the Somerset Lad

Fifty years ago, science provided an alternative reality, the space race offered the prospect of the discovery of planets and stars and galaxies. Space was the final frontier, and within the lifetimes of those of us who were young we thought that frontier would be crossed. It never happened.

Science turned inwards.

7.  Renfe Operadora

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  1. Definitely worth an hour or so of your time. Joins lots of dots.