Saturday, July 24, 2021

Pre-Saturday [1 to 5]

Weekend is upon us. Sleep well!

5.  Interesting chap, Simon L

This is him at work:

And this is what he is taking issue with:

4.  Two from Eaton Rapids Joe

[Keep your bowels in good order.]

3.  Rossa’s mother

a.  Over at t’other place.  RM suggest that this needs saying across our currently beleagured world and who could but agree?

b.  Also:

My new hero politician (in an admittedly not very crowded field) is Gideon van Meijeren. He might be your hero politician too once you’ve watched this brief exchange in which he skewers mercilessly the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the subject of Klaus ‘Anal’ Schwab’s The Great Reset.

The Great Reset, as every half-way informed person now knows, is part of the sinister plan by the World Economic Forum (and others) to turn the world into a gigantic slave state in we are the vassals (‘You will own nothing and be happy‘) and the Davos elite rule over us like Pharaohs or Babylonian kings.

2. Torquaymada is always a conundrum

“There’s something developing on Telegram under the handle “OfficialMcAfee” Can’t put my finger on it but it feels vaguely authentic.” 

Just that, no link. DR replies:

Promised release of deadman switch. Maybe. 🙂

When I delve on another device, it seems to be a blog starting - could it be Torquaymada’s?

1.  Ripper

A musical offering from me:

And has anyone noticed this?

“I can't think why the NHS are putting out a £3.2 billion tender for blood clot treatments.”

[Possibly not but when dropped here, all becomes clear:]


  1. Clue in title

    UK Column news, a few interesting tidbits in here

  2. 2. As it was knocking off time for me when Torquaymada posted over t'other place I didn't search for the telegram channel. Now I have this . Make of that what you will.

  3. #5. The Professor of whom this chap speaks is a rank amateur in the invention of history and distortion of facts. In Oz we have Professor Bruce (sic) Pascoe, a white fellow who claims (as so many do) to be Aboriginal. His book, touted by our 'aunty' ABC, claims that Pre-'Invasion' Aboriginals had cities, engineering, houses and agriculture, and even kept livestock. His 'references' given in support say no such thing but he quite rightly anticipated that nobody would bother to actually read what the references actually said. Nevertheless, despite several quite explicit forensic critiques, he still remains a Professor and enjoys the talking circuit and adulation of the many government-funded carpetbaggers here.