Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday [7 to 11]

That's probably enough politics for now.  Something pleasant this way comes a bit later and then a quiz if I can think of some questions.  We'll resume the war early evening.

12.  The Slog

So we doubled our debt, strangled the NHS, emptied the Treasury and blew 2.1% of GDP to save 1 life per thousand - 80% of whom are over 75 and economically inactive. 

People have an attack of the vapours when I write "eugenic" stuff like that, and yet don't ask why Hancock massacred thousands of people in Care Homes....but fully accept that people like Johnson, May, Blair and Shapps actually care about such things*. 

(I am 73 by the way, and don't want my carcass saved if it means 999 people have to lose their liberty to do it. Equally, I'm in no hurry to die - hence my refusal of the "vaccines")
11.  Torquaymada

One would have to question the sanity of anybody contemplating getting the vaccine after listening to this...

10.  Haiku

a.  Tell us something new:

b.  Should we be worrying about the [surfing wisdom's] seventh wave ?

9.  DR at t'other place

Incredibly slow internet edition:

8.  Ripper

Clues in the titles:

7.  Distant Relative

a.  Clue in the title:

b.  In the title:

That's who is behind Sunak's announcement yesterday, natch. Master puppeteer dirty Swab.

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  1. Steve

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