Monday, July 26, 2021

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A history

Whether firms run the State or the State runs firms or if the distinction is blurred - always there is corruption and under the table, plus international dealings - they will always be and they will always have an agenda, firstly to dominating and then to profits to enable this.

Socialist notions of eliminating nasty monopolists are naive in the extreme and free enterprise notions of a clean, competitive market are also naive.  When you add to that a guiding hand which organises, as so many from Wilson to Jenner to Clinton's mentor, to others have said, then you have problems.

That hidden hand could be anything from groups such as the ConFR to C300 to round tables to the UN to the various militaries, to the black noble families to whomever - Svali gives them a name and names the agenda in 2000, Christians ascribe it to the one entity - whatever it is, one needs to disabuse oneself that free market forces prevail.  Would be lovely if they did - they don't.

And Svali spelt out that this thing tends to hover chiefly around Bavaria where much of the strife has always come from, at least since Venice and Frankish times.  It's not even necessary to nail that - let God do that - just know that it is not tabula rasa, this playing board.

And this comes through from the German 'captives' at the end of WW2 who, far from cowering in fear, started laying down this sort of thing:

Operation Paperclip was far more than on e country kidnapping another's naughty boys, they were all part of the same stateless firm to begin with.  While munitions and weapons were a major part of it, as was human trafficking and misery, degradation, so was the whole drug trade and this strayed into the psycho psychiatrist field - drugs, hypnosis that people like Estabrooks were involved in, Ewen Cameron, Selwyn Leeks, Jolyon whatsisname and this one, a true monster:

And this:

In fact it went way beyond just the usual things, it was to carry on the Great Work of the Royal Society in making Pseudo-Science the new God.

As it says - Science is power  - and if you can educate every little boy in the late 50s, early 60s that there is no God but Science, STEM rulez, ok?  From the highest to the not so high but wanting in, anyone ambitious is involved, the interweaving is like woven cloth in a spaghetti pattern.

And so the pattern was set and the troughers all became involved:

All sections of society are involved, all major centres, paedo services and adreno, all sorts of crim lunacy had no limits, this was no summer holiday.

Any end to it?  Any way to overturn it?  Well you'll maybe need to look at Vox's comments today further down the page to answer that one.  What about Them?  What are their aims?  Well, as Svali laid out:

Those with eyes will know where all this came from - she's possibly posted something new.

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  1. One would have to question the sanity of anybody contemplating getting the vaccine after listening to this...