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26.  Distant Relative

Clue in the title:

Somebody give Priti Useless a nudge.

25.  Are these NHS staff actually human?

I'm not recommending you look at 24c because it is distressing and there are all sorts of spinoff issues for the blog itself. For example, how do we at least mention what is going on without giving any sort of proof of it on those grounds of stress and is that not then censorship on my part?  And I don't like being in that position at all.

But then it comes to the nurses, two of them, standing at the foot of the bed, one seems black and more official, the other seems white and small, might be wrong because I was listening.  when the one speaking started with this "it's my duty to inform you", that was it for me and it clearly was for the couple as well.

Which takes me back to 2017 and my heart issue.  These are two separate occasions - first was coming into A&E and the second was the second night in the terminal ward in the coronary section.  Both these tales I've written on before but I'm going to again. 

With the first one, there was one nurse in particular who was running here, there, everywhere, doing this job and that, she seemed foreign.  It dawned on me after about six hours that she was still running around working hard - hardly saw a British nurse.  One did come over at one stage. The Spanish girl though kept coming over to see if I was ok and I said she was doing a grand job.

Second night, the entire staff was post-millennial female and they were all in the staffroom shrieking with laughter about whatever.  When one did emerge, she would flounce, there was no other way to put it. The whole attitude and locomotion was different to the Spanish girl's.

One does draw certain conclusions and 24c below only brought the memories back. It would be wrong to tar all British girls because in the ambulance transfer, there was a British girl who was terrific, so maybe it was just the luck of the draw.

24.  Steve

a.  Planet Covid (Hidden In Plain Sight Edition): Dr McCullough Confirms The Media Is Hiding Hidden Dangers Of Getting Vaxxed

b.  COVID: The Wrecking Ball To Scientific Integrity

c.  ‘Dial G for graphene web’

d.  NHS Nurses tell expectant mother that they “will PCR test her baby once it’s born as it is no longer her property” when not in her abdomen

e.  Psy-ops anyone?

f.  Government Of Tunisia Toppled After Violent COVID-19 Protests

23.  Just looking at a couple of things

a.  Otto von Hapsburg: the man who got into fisticuffs with Ian Paisley in front of the Pope, who was quietly amused.  That was apart from his gig at the WEF.

b.  The Critical Drinker is quietly hopeful about the new Ghostbusters.  Uh huh.

22.  Distant Relative

a.  On letting people get away with things:

b.  20. You've already posted that @10.

You seem to have missed this though from here earlier or maybe it was deliberate, idk? Seems pretty fraught here atm. :)

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  1. Steve

    Planet Covid (Hidden In Plain Sight Edition):

    Dr McCullough Confirms The Media Is Hiding Hidden Dangers Of Getting Vaxxed

    COVID: The Wrecking Ball To Scientific Integrity

    ‘Dial G for graphene web’

    NHS Nurses tell expectant mother that they “will PCR test her baby once it’s born as it is no longer her property” when not in her abdomen

    Psy-ops anyone?

    Government Of Tunisia Toppled After Violent COVID-19 Protests

  2. Clue in the title

    Somebody give Priti Useless a nudge

  3. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli on Maricopa Officials: Charges Should be Levied, People Should Be Prosecuted (VIDEO)

    Breaking: Twitter Suspends All Election Audit ‘War Room’ Accounts; Senator Wendy Rogers Predicts She Will Be Next

    Jay Sekulow is Asking All Arizona and Pennsylvania Voters Who Were Given Sharpies (felt tipped pens) When Voting to Contact His Law Firm


    Executive Committee of Dane County Wisconsin Republican Party Votes Unanimously to Support Rep. Brandtjen’s Proposed Forensic Audit

    Rep. Timothy Ramthun Discusses Proposed Wisconsin Forensic Audit with The Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)


    The Two Firms Hired to Perform Forensic Audits By State Officials Are Not Independent Auditors But Work on Behalf of the Voting Machine Companies to Test Machines

  4. More BBC BS...

  5. Toodles.
    24. c.
    Recently I had a conversation with a young lady. She is 29 yrs.of age. Last Aug. she got 'the covid'. She was sent from her job to be tested because she had 'the symptoms.'

    She was tested and was out of work for the the extent of her illness and the determined legal time of isolation.

    To this day she says her taste is still off and she is still tired. She explained that the worst part of it all is that she feels 'other worldly'.

    According to her, she is unable to feel quite herself. She went on to say it is as though she is watching things and not really participating even though she,in fact, is participating. 'Going through the motions' is another way of how she described her post covid (and I think post test) situation.

    So there you go. Coinky dinky?

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