Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday [7 onwards]

Just in case there’s anything political we’d care to say.

9.  The grabbing of the Mace

Wwweeellllll, what does one expect of a Scot in London? :)

8.  Took some time to work out what Longrider was saying

He was against someone writing against the RNLI boats being used for migrants.  Hang on - does that mean that LR is for that?  Then I saw the crux of the matter:

If the braindead cretin who wrote this piece had actually listened to what Nigel Farage was saying, it was precisely this:

"Apart from anything else it is an independent charity supported entirely by public donations, and makes no call on the taxpayer (and thus cannot be accused of misusing public funds)."

This is to its credit. However, even this has failed to prevent the toxic corrosion of the wokeism that is poisonings our institutions.


Actually, what I was trying to find was some political story not Covid related or one of its spinoffs and you know what - there was very little about.

About the same time, my Russian mate wrote and this is a stress in itself because they really do not run along our lines. He shows anti-Woke tendencies in some ways but not in others and so asked me what I thought of some journo called Chris Hedges.  Never heard of him, which was a bad sign in itself but then looked up wiki and even Wiki found him too far left.  I wrote back:

  • Red flags everywhere, sounds bad:
  • Socialist
  • Christian Science mafia
  • Pulitzer (bad sign)
  • Fluent in Arabic
  • NYT
  • Truthdig - a DemRat rag
  • Amnesty
  • Princeton
  • Anarchist
  • Covered Falklands War from the enemy side
  • Occupy Wall Street

On that last one, we of the centre right were not opposed to the idea of supporting the people, just the violent execution of it.  No Christian, so how a minister is beyond me. Sounds bad news.

Now I just know he'll put to me that the guy is for 'freedom' and 'human rights' and isn't that good?  In Russian eyes, human rights sounds a good thing.  Where am I even going to start?  Freedom sounds good too - dissidents, defectors etc.  It's going to take all my concentration to explain the west today.

7.  Steve’s Planet Covid (Fruit Salad Edition)

a.  Is Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain a Remedy for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries?

b.  The jab that’ll take you from fear to eternity:

c.  Barrister: “All prosecutions under the Coronavirus Act have been unlawful” 


  1. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Arizona Audit’s 3rd Paper Recount Officially Complete, Ballots Loaded Up and Sent Back to County; Routers Still AWOL

    Tech Giants Claim They Banned Six (Arizona) Audit Accounts by Labelling Them ‘Spam’

    TGP’s Jim Hoft and Steve Bannon on The Left’s Attack on the Election Audits and Their Desire to Destroy Mike Lindell (VIDEO)

  2. A few snippets...

    The kiddy fiddlers of Lambeth Council

    Strange anomalies of the floods

    Dave Cullen under fire

    Kate Shemirani

    False prophets

    And she *still* forgot to get the fish!