Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Seems to me it’s best to avoid the word epilogue on blogs, perhaps a better term is ‘provisional’ epilogue.

The words not long before the end which Chuckles wrote to me were, “I’m not immortal you know.”  Yet he and every techie I knew could still not understand why I refused to self-host.  It never crossed his mind that Mr. Energy here was in the same boat.  Certainly there were security reasons but there was another threatening reason, best summed up as, “I’m not immortal you know.”

I am in a state of health right now which has taken a perma-downturn and it’s heart and artery based.  If 2017 was a ‘good’ time to have a heart attack, now could not be a worse - this was at Conservative Woman:

The imposition of mandatory vaccination is among the gravest threats to individual liberty that has been posed by any British government. The essence of classical liberalism states that the individual – and hence their body – is sovereign.  

Once a government demands, under pain of being unable to live a normal life, the violation of one’s bodily autonomy, then we have crossed a Rubicon after which there is no coming back. If you believe that vaccination requirements will stop at just nightclubs,  then you have learned nothing over the last year and a half.

That is true but equally true is that since January 2020, all pretence at health “care” has also disappeared.  There is such low confidence in the psychopathy of the medical profession, especially in this country, that it would breathtaking, were it not that quite a few of us saw the signs and I especially did, having seen them and heard those signs being discussed during those years in Russia.

The writer of the quote included some history of Russia and it was so - those people with grievances fell hook, line and sinker for the lie that the Bolsheviks actually cared.  This was the ultimate tragedy. The reds were psycho murderers at heart, any atrocity for an ideology.  And we see it now in the screams of the Karens to jab the bastards, meaning us.  All reason departed.

Yet they project themselves as compassionate and kindly. What massive self-delusion, how kind to themselves.  The way I carry on here on the blog, the manner, can be as a right bstd but in a crunch, I’m no different to you, readers - we would all help someone fallen.  A Karen wouldn’t though. She’d assist our exit from the world via a tube in a hospital ward.

There are both warning signs, personally - arteries, sudden sleeping, so many signs that in all seriousness, I can no longer be confident to wake up - but there are also multiple signs out there in society, macro signs, and the writer touches on that - the signs are there but things get in the way of understanding.

Most visiting this site have already educated themselves to the point of picking up that that BitChute today might be fake - this is going to be increasingly common as they flood us with faux activism - people purporting to be onside, breathlessly pushing some tale to lead astray.  

It was mentioned in the bible, we’ve all been warned that the first casualty was truth.  My deep suspicion of security breaches does not mean I’ve not been taken in, I’ve been taken in a few times - we were discussing the truth issue by phone today.

I’m at two points - firstly, due to the health downturn, of really not caring any more, I’ve done all I can, but the other point is realising there be dragons moving amongst us.  Mixing metaphors appallingly, we need to watch people’s fruits, we need to watch like hawks, paying no heed to claimed stances - let’s see how that person votes and acts, ignore plausible excuses.

We then have that dismaying phenomenon of the 80% - good people a long way down the right path but then stumbling in that final 20%, and the last person they’ll listen to is me.  Nothing more I can do, nothing more any of us can - we can only point it out and that’s that.

Time to finish this, feeling sleepy. The way the insides seem just now, I’d say there’s a 75% chance I’ll wake and blog tomorrow.  But don’t be surprised if I don’t.  Odds are many of you are in a similar position, especially if older.  There’ll be signs - change of post, change of sidebar picture, comments clicked through.  The unvaccinated human is remarkably resilient, can bounce back amazingly.  Plus what if there is a God who feels there’s some unfinished business?


  1. You ask "Plus what if there is a God who feels there’s some unfinished business". But have you ever considered the possibility that there is indeed something that might qualify as "a God" but that It, He, She or They may not give a damn about us? That seems more likely, to me, than a God/Gods that gives a shit about us, so to speak. Why would it/he/she/they care? And if the God/Gods does/do care, do they not share much responsibility for the mess? I hope you wake feeling healthier and happier or don't wake at all - waking feeling worse is the worst option.

    1. Toodles.

      Dear Questioner,
      I am not at all trying to be a smartypants to you. It appears,from what you said and by the way it was stated, you have already determined a conclusion about God.

      I mean to say it seems to me you have an idea of what God should be and since he doesn't meet your expectations you think he doesn't care about you - about us.

      You ask why should he/ she/ they care?

      If you are really searching for God and if you want to know Him as well as one can 'this side of eternity'and whether He cares or not there are ways, sources, places in which you may find the answers you seek if indeed you are questioning and you are also listening.

      Best regards in your search and for as good life a life as one may find this side of eternity.

      Yours truly,

    2. Dear Toodles - Nope, you conclude wrongly, I have determined no conclusion whatever about God or Gods as I have no idea whatever what the truth of that possibility, or perhaps impossibility may be. I have no idea about what is really behind this odd world at all, if anything we cannot see is. You should not jump to unfounded conclusions, about me or anything else.

    3. Questioner -
      To definitively answer "The Question" once and for all -
      Ask Jesus to forgive your sins & for the Holy Spirit to guide you.
      Do this with all the sincerity you can muster.

      I did what I suggest above and I now know with certainty that God
      (Father, Son & Holy Spirit is real) exists.

      Please note - I am not 'praying for your soul', being condescending,
      etc, etc ad nauseam. It is entirely up to you.

    4. Lady and gentlemen, to draw a line under this - possibly it’s pointless further pursuing this when there are more critical matters for us all to get after - methinks we’ve demonstrated Q’s stance but what he was perhaps not expecting was militant retaliation.

      See, what we have here is a thoroughly p***ed off section of the population, politically, for reasons you see day in, day out here. That section contains both secular - libertarian, ordinary folk, those trying to make a living - and throughly p***ed off Christians as well who’ve had just about enough of this s***, to use the vernacular.

      It’s nothing but week in, week out misrepresentation, burning of churches, arrests, badmouthing and that’s just from the baddies themselves - cabal plus Woke chancers. So when our own partners on the secular side start it, it’s not going to be meek lambs to the slaughter, is it?

      In fact, to put it even more crudely, you believe your thing, we’ll believe ours, if we’re on the same political side, then fine, let’s just get on with it, all right? We have work to do.

      Speaking personally, I’m no evangelist nor proselytiser but good luck to em I say. If they go to a street corner to speak, good. If a socialist does that, good. If a cabalist wants to defend himself there, good. If a libertarian wants to call for freedom, good.

      Politically though, as we all know, the key issues just now are:

      1. Breakdown of ethics and institutions such as the family, medical care etc.

      2. Suppression and oppression.

      3. Expediency - we need to combine, not bicker among ourselves.

      Thus, let’s draw a line under this, as mentioned, and get on with our mission.

  2. Steve

    My Nan, who had heart problems aplenty, swore it was beetroot that kept the grim reaper waiting. She had a garden full of it, grown by her lodger, Ernie. Interesting man Ernie. As a teenager his first job off the land was if a bomber crash-landed after returning from missions over Germany, it was his job to bulldoze it to one side to make way for the others to land. The memories never left him of American airmen being burnt alive behind the plexiglass of their B-17's.

  3. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Arizona Audit To Finish Paper Recount Tomorrow – They Need The Routers


    Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Says All that is Needed to Overturn the 2020 Election Results is Reasonable Doubt Which They Already Have (video)


    Breaking: Arizona Senate Issues Two New Subpoenas Maricopa County (BoS) Officials for Routers, Passwords, Splunk Logs, More



    Georgia’s Raffensperger, Sterling and Fuchs All Connected to Firm that Helps Georgia Democrats Run as Republicans



    Wisconsin Moves Forward with Election Forensic Audit.. Update: With Clements and Keshel

    Wisconsin Election Audit Debrief: Captain Seth Keshel


    LAA Voter Integrity Project: 157,299 Illegal Ballots Cast in Wisconsin Presidential Election



    State Representative Sabatini Calls for a Forensic Audit of the Five Largest Counties in the State



    Breaking: Maryland Voter Integrity Group Finds Serious Anomalies in Four Maryland Counties


  4. It’s not unlike a Holmes or Poirot story - bright thinker but stumped by the natural conclusion to a line of thinking. So it’s back to first principles. He starts all over and so many things are so obvious, why did they not occur before?

    Firstly, no one hostile to an idea is going to see the signs, that’s just axiomatic. Then there is the massive dependence on faith v proof and voluntary faith too, not pressganged. Without that, then further discussion is pointless. Analogy is aspirin - someone tells you it relieves pain, why belive that? But there are centuries of testimonials, all following the same pattern or with aspirin, since it was introduced.

    People say it works, you go for it, it does work and in fact works each and every time. That’s as far as that analogy can be taken. Another is I’m starting to believe in maglev rail. Can’t see how but it seems to work.

    One of the spinoffs is that being better disposed to something, you go back, not to debunk but really to get a feel and one thing quite certain is that the whole basis of the gnostic demiurge simply does not ring true - it does not gel in the least with Matt 5-7. So what gives here? The stern exterminator of the OT v the caring one of the NT?

    The only way you’ll get any result on that q is to ask a longtime user, someone who allowed himself possession by this spirit. There used to be far more but they’re easy to spot by signs in discussions. So many CINOs though. And one thing coming through in all their tales is strength, comfort and sometimes escape from adversity, even doom. If you talk with such people, any country, the story’s thevsame. It does count.

    Then of course the inevitable q arises - why does this God allow the things we see right now? The orthodox answer is that if you separate yourself from your Maker, you’re rudderless and if a whole society does that, then it falls apart. It’s not a q of OT punishment, it’s a q of you can’t set things right for someone who doesn’t want it. If a person does not believe this God can save, then why bother asking Him to?

    Right through all of those stories was the theme of if you believe it possible, then it be possible. F you doubt, then it’s not. I was just asked had I considered a possibility? Well I ask in return - what if someone turns away from help, doesn’t even want to know? Well it won’t come, will it? Multiply by billions.

    And if billions are doing that, then how can they all say it’s the fault of someone not caring for them? They didn’t even want to know.

    The Christian faith differs in that it’s heavily individual, it’s one by one as they become convinced. If they don’t, then there it is. And that’s a society that doesn’t round up its unbelievers on a Friday and murder them. Yet burnings, the rack etc. happened. How?

    Well if you look at a Cromwell or Inquisitor or any of those - the last thing they are are people simply following Matt 5-7. Those monsters are most certainly playing for the other side. They just don’t ring true according to the articles of faith. One thing so many secular readers and I agree on is any pointyhatted hierarchy is more than likely to be antithetical to the faith. Structured, organised Churches involving money are so far from the original idea it’s not even funny. And selling indulgences? Gimme a break.

    Being able to sit back from it and think it through logically, so many things fall into place. But I still come back to the most persuasive thing for me - the testimony of those through the ages who testify to a turnaround in mindset.

    Lastly from me for now - whom did J of N savage? Whom did Paul savage? Pharisees and Sadducees, right? They’d created a false priesthood which had lost all direction, if it ever had any. Who are the out and out lying monsters in this country at this time, in this crisis? SAGE. Keepers of the Great Lie.

  5. Get on the list for bypass surgery; away with fatalism.