Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wednesday [1 to 7]

7.  Heatwave

As someone who spent much time in Oz and in Russia, less time in Sicily, where summer temps approached 40C pretty consistently [around 100F], had to smile at DR and the heatwave. It's all relative in a distant way - I feel anything over 20C badly, quite difficult in fact - give me 10C to 20C all year please.

Which is not great in a sailor, nor the lesser ability to shift weight after the heart attack [Ripper ref]. All such things I'm thinking about just now and deciding before I lose my reasoning powers and resolve to age and heart meds.

Late note - DR points out that it's 30C there, not 20C, apologies.  We have around 15C just now in the NW, then again I'm on a hillside overlooking the Manchester canal.

6.  DR

 I drop links into it from time to time and I've not had to pay or sign up to do that.

And that is my contribution to the day - the heat is getting to me, the fan gives me a headache and the web is glitchy - might be the heat getting to that too! It is early morns and see Ester in the afternoons for the foreseeable.

5.  Red rag to a bull department

Warning - these are blood heater-uppers so maybe don't bother.  Breitbart:

a. Britain’s Home Office has announced that this week is “Refugee Week” which aims to celebrate the “contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary”, while the migrant crisis continues to rage.

b.  Children May Need Vaccinations to Prevent Disrupting Education, Suggests UK Chief Medical Officer

Perfect example of last evening's post - what's the percentage in letting that upset us today? It's a known-known and deliberately provocative.  Seems to me it's more important to preserve the charts in the LDS post.

My first reaction was not exactly holy - intercourse refugee week, you creeps.

There's a saying: "Don't get mad, get even," which sounds logical until you consider Romans 12:20:

Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.  Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

Makes sense but it does not mean, as the do-gooders would interpret it, to lie down and let yourself be walked over, as that encourages them. And if you're dead, the message has fewer people getting it out. Plus there is the question of the sheep in the ditch.  Does one leave it there?  There's love thy neighbour.  If your neighbour is your nation and it's being overrun, is it neighbourly to oppose for the sake of your people or is it more neighbourly to lie down and watch it happen?

The biding one's time bit of Deng seems more sane when the enemy is too powerful, having small victories here and there to undermine.

4.  Endearing versus offputting

Often the two are in the one person.  An example was that Zydeco band I was listening to [almost done for a while now].  There's no guarantee that first impressions are accurate but in some ways, they're later borne out, in others - not.

The violinist is of an age but that's no issue, being that myself. She can play but has that female manner of wanting to slot in correctly, not going beserk, which sometimes a fiddler needs to do [Dave Swarbrick of Fairport]. She does not wish to venture anything.  Good team player.  I watched her watching the leader and tailoring dance moves to him which her hubby guitarist the other side then followed.  Both very good players.

The little rub-board player though was manic, off her brain and it was endearing of course. Thing is - in real life, which one would be easier to deal with?  Also, with the fiddler - that standard horror at having got to the age where she has to take severe measures, slight wetness to the eyes, grim visage.  Not naturally at ease with the manic - not her thang so to speak.  But tries, enjoys the music.

Just observations but bring in Whitty from Wed [2] and there's just something slimy about him, also Fauci.  It really rubs up the wrong way, apart from what he's trying on.  Another is slimeball Harris in the US.  There it's her inappropriate manner and her actions.  

As it turns out, perhaps her reservations about Kavanaugh turned out part-right, who knows  - she certainly didn't.  She knows nothing.  And the notion of her sitting in judgment over anyone at all - heaven help whoever the poor sod is in the dock.

The opposite holds true too though - someone endears him or herself and though there are offputting aspects to the person, he or she constantly comes out with endearing things.  Sometimes it's lineball.  I imagine longterm marriages are like that - the endearing things outweigh the offputting.

3.  Wayback

I have to learn how to use it.  If it is a resource we must use here, does one subscribe, join up, pay?  How does it work?  Still not awake enough to find out.

2.  The more awkward snippet

Sometimes an emailing needs posting in full - an issue as there are so many charts and yet if I just put the url, will it be taken down?  Obvious solution is Wayback archive.

Seems to me that this is of paramount importance if Whitty can be nailed on it, because it explodes his bona fides, if there were any.

1.  Snippets

Random items, some with no link because they're just headlines seen in passing from sites which I trust to a point, others with link.  My justification is that often it is behind paywall or a signing up process which I shan't do because the info demanded is intrusive. It's still valid on the day posted here as you can go to that publication and find out yourselves.

Often it's not critical data.

a.  Geelong Advertiser ... rural and city:

Covid latest: Restrictions ease further in regional Victoria and Melbourne ... 

Pure regional MSM, as it is over here - little Woke totalitarian rags, good loo roll.

b.  Epoch Times:

[i]  Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Still Doesn’t Know Identity of Capitol Officer Who Shot Her

[ii]  How a Small Group of Scientists Created the Natural Origins Narrative | Truth Over News

c.  The Donald seven hours ago, par for the course:

What Biden and Harris have done, and are continuing to do on our border, is a grave and willful dereliction of duty.

d.  Here we go:

Biden Administration Wants Americans To Report 'Radicalized' Friends And Family To Government


  1. #3

    I drop links into it from time to time and I've not had to pay or sign up to do that.

    And that is my contribution to the day - the heat is getting to me, the fan gives me a headache and the web is glitchy - might be the heat getting to that too! It is early morns and see Ester in the afternoons for the foreseeable.

    1. #7 It is already over 30C outside and it is only just after 8 a.m. here. Last evening the temp indoors was 28C - eurgh! Opening a window atm is like opening the oven door! Bit of a contrast to around 10 days ago when we were still having log fires because it was unseasonably cold then suddenly here we are.

    2. Goodness - of course, you're further south, I'm north-west and we have about 15C. Apologies.

    3. You're forgiven. :)

      Before I forget


      REVEALED: 'Airbnb has secretive 'black box' team paying out $50 million a year to keep disaster stays out of press and gives staff blank checks to help rape victims and clean-up dismembered human remains'

      The secretive safety team - known as the 'black box' inside the firm - is made up of around 100 agents across cities including Dublin, Montreal and Singapore
      Team members have the power to spend any amount tackling the worst crises at their rentals including sexual assaults, murders and deaths
      They are tasked with providing support to guests and hosts and also working to keep the incidents out of the public eye
      Nick Shapiro, ex-National Security Council adviser to Barack Obama and deputy chief of staff at the Central Intelligence Agency, worked as crisis manager
      Shapiro, who has since left the role, told Bloomberg the crises facing the company reminded him of the White House Situation Room
      A rape victim received a $7 million payout in exchange for agreeing not to 'imply responsibility or liability' on Airbnb or the host
      The 2016 incident saw an alleged 'career criminal' use a duplicate key to enter a New York City rental and attack her at knifepoint
      In 2018, Carla Stefaniak was murdered by a security guard at a Costa Rica Airbnb, while in 2019 five were shot dead at a mansion party in California
      Airbnb has spent an estimated $50 million every year on crisis payouts "

      Source Daily Fail 15/6/2021.

      Airbnb a cover for nefarious activities? Reminds me of the Wayfair debacle Polly uncovered in realtime on her twitter feed last year.

      Sidenote - we had a run in with airbnb about 2 years ago. Never used them or had any contact with them but some little slimeball in Dublin lifted nearly 1000€ from our bank account. We got it back but not without a struggle.