Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tuesday [2]

The era we are now entering in the west, thanks to the global criminally insane - the times, folks, they are a-changing:

I’ve asked my Russian mate about how accurate this is, don’t expect a reply by today.

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  1. Regarding the Russians getting hold of "Western" music before the wall came down - I still have a rather faded QSL card on my wall, from "Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty". This was a US Govt funded shortwave broadcaster which specifically targeted the Soviet satellite states & Russia itself. Mostly spoken word, but at the weekend they had some excellent Rock Music shows, which I always tried to listen to, reception permitting. I can still remember one occasion when at a friends farm, doing some wiring repairs to his motorbike. I had brought along my trusty Sony ICF 2001, with all the frequencies stored in memories. As one faded out I could rapidly try another...