Monday, June 14, 2021


I really do have to zip off [Steve, shall do the links tomorrow morning] but request of readers.

Friend of the blog - her phone is almost on its last legs, needs a new one.  My suggestion was iPhone but I did read that not all of them are good now. Is it still the benchmark or what?  As she's not super-techie, she needs quality and internet connectivity - usual things.

One way is cheapo phone, as I do, and quality tablet but somehow I think it best the phone route for her.  I thought it would be crazy not to use the blog if it's here to put out the call for help - same if you have a question which needs asking - feel free, short of buying and selling. [US] [UK]


  1. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Arizona Audit: Hand Recount Will be Complete Today – Senate President Karen Fann and Wyoming Officials Tour Floor – Rumblings of Future State Audits

    Kelli Ward – Arizona Audit Update: Thirteen States Have Visited The Audit – Who Will Be Next?

    President Trump Issues Statement on the DOJ’s Threats and the Arizona Audit - "..They Know What Was Done”

    Fulton County:

    Judge Delays Depositions from Georgia Election Workers Ruby Freeman and Her Daughter Shae Moss

    Fulton County Georgia Election Official Admits Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation Is Missing from 24 per cent of Ballots from 2020 Election — Or 1 in 4 Ballots!

    Swing States:

    Update: Swing State Ballots Were Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation Giving Democrats Impossible and Likely Fraudulent Wins in Battleground States

    Flashback: We Caught Them! Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden’s Steal

  2. Regarding a new smartphone. If she pays more than £100 for one then she is a fool. A good unlocked dual sim Android unit can be bought for very close to the £100 and I very much doubt that she would need the ultra expensive 5G units when 4G doesn't cover the whole of the UK yet.

    I have a Nokia 2.3 bought just over two years ago for my UK and French phone numbers. It works very well and still gets OS updates though I seldom use it to connect to the internet (I have other secure equipment to do that).

  3. A bit of a mixture again from me. BBC worker has to flee to safety

    Dead body found near G7 Summit. Suicide?

    Man mocks anti vaxxers, then gets paralyzed after jabs

    Polly with more explosive ferreting, this time the WHO

    2 articles on the CDC removing 150,000 deaths from VAERS database

    And a couple of parodies, just for fun

  4. Sorry for posting OT James. I had intended to keep out of this one, but is the lady in question in the UK? If so, an Android phone is streets ahead of the iPhone OS and better supported.

    The two specifications important to me when buying a new phone are 1 - Android, every time. 2 - A branded phone (mine is a cheaper Samsung J3, bought about 2 years ago) and 3 - (yes I know I said 2), it must be sim free.

    I bought it from Tesco, £180 new, it has a very decent camera and it runs on Giffgaff because I don't want to be locked into a contract, with the phone locked to the provider. I don't use phone data though the Giffgaff package does have some, so have the cheapest Giffgaff option of £6 a month which gives me unlimited minutes and texts. For MMS and video calls I use Whatsapp.

    Giffgaff also sell refurbished sim free phones, so that's somewhere else to look.

    Some good deals there, unless the lady wants the newest camera gadgetry such as turning people into cartoon characters etc.

    1. In Alabama. :) Not breaking confidences because we discussed it. Samsung looks good over there but too much for her use.