Sunday, June 13, 2021

Project Fear

What we have here, in all the material contributors have sent over the moths and years, in what I've written - what we have is an unenviable situation.

We've become harbingers of bad news and so we come to the prime directive for any army - mental health and combat efficiency.

I've used the word "diabolical" and some of you think that fanciful, hyperbole, too much bible bashing ... but it certainly begins to look that way to me - diabolical - and here is one reason:

How do you get someone to lose his or her mind, how do you irreparably wreck trust?  How do you, if one of the global cultists, get people to fear absolutely everyone else, distrust, to the point we can no longer combine in any meaningful way?  

In fact, the Paul Temple series is all about that.  Was that a radio series for "the family" with all the bashings, murders etc. every few minutes, was it the BBC's idea of wholesome family entertainment? When you never knew who was friend, who was foe?  My long book Masquerade was about that.

I'd say there was agenda even back then - in fact at any time post-war in practical terms. 

Reason I say that is [let's just grab one example] John Phillips and Woodstock in 1969, plus Laurel Canyon and Zappa's father, plus those in that canyon.  Plus the appearance of Friedan and Steinem and the like, culminating in that revolting creature Dworkin, who is reprised in that Penn State health monster today.

if we go back and read what Alinsky was putting out, then look at the 12 atonalism post at this site again - then we're in exactly the position we are over the audits and vaxxes in 2021.  Those bstds have managed to convince the simpleminded through the hidden govt's captured MSM and have introduced severe discordance, such that people are perma-unsettled, where once they were becoming bourgeois and settled.

Where things once made sense.

And the worst of it is that they're not wrong in one sense - to become fat and complacent is to lay ourselves open to a ravening enemy, a la Lord of the Rings.  Only there is no Viggo Mortensen Strider apart from One he was meant to physically resemble in the western eye.

Coming back to John Phillips - the one whom his 11 year old daughter was repeatedly raped by according to her and was so messed up either way - whether he did or did not. The wife, Michelle Philiips, was not only a druggy but a pusher [see Steppenwolf] along with Mama Cass.  

Yet the music was all wholesome, eh? Dedicated to the one I love?  Utter lies.  They were as faithful as Jeanne Crain.  And that's the sick joke played on us, the public.

Phillips, as we discovered, was in with pharma to push new narcotics onto kids at Woodstock, already a sexual sloshathon and I do know about that because I was in that age bracket and on that political side at the time.  As for Crain, the more I explore, the more the in-joke is apparent. 

Ida Lupino was a most interesting actress from that film last evening - look her up, check out her story.  It was not just because of her "feminism" per se, it was because she did not go the casting couch route and so was near perma-banned, so went into production instead.  Quite a cutie to look at too.  But unable to be controlled. Heaven forbid that I become a feminist but in her case, I say well done with the Cohns and Weinstein types.

Now, what was she cast as?  She was promised "sweet" homely roles, the type Crain, who had played the game, was given with monotonous regularity - the "good woman" - as reward for being the exact opposite - Hollywood's most notorious "party girl".  Lupino though went her own way [WGTOW] and was punished.

And to bring that back to the word "diabolical" - well, I think you catch the drift.  And to bring that back to us languishing under Project Fear - even we are dragged in, we who think we're able to stand up to it, stand at a distance from the turmoil.  

And if your reaction is a wry smile at these words, then I'd suggest that you have also been sucked into the vortex - action/reaction factored in.  The ones calling others tinfoil hatters and grinning, "James, James, James, whatever are we to do with you," thinking further ahead no further ... these  are just as much marionettes as we are.

In short, we're all being played, they know the moves as a chess player does.  

Into this come Adam and Toodles. Adam I'd like to think of as a mate except that I'm not as MGTOW, Toodles I'd also like to think of as a mate, though she's a woman.  I understand and agree with Adam how one huge section of the female gender has leapt onto bashing white males and have skewed it for all men and women in the west, along with the vicious pussified males.

Yet Toodles is what she is - a southern belle with the brogue to go with it and I ask - how can Adam down there, me up here, Toodles across there, DR in France, Rossa's mother and the chaps up and down Britain, plus some in America, plus some ladies on the continent - how on earth can such a disparate bunch get along?

And my answer is we had a culture once which was vaguely Christian arising out of what had been there, it became cultured, classical in its learning, it went forth and multiplied, roughly along gospel lines, give or take and the ethics and eternal values were such that men treated women as ladies because ladies acted as ladies.  The default position was one of respect, not taking men to the cleaners at the earliest opportunity and conversely, not detesting the female of the species.

But y'all see how it's gone now - the PTB have set us at each other's throats and they're sitting back in their smoking rooms and chortling.  I'm not saying for one second that men have not been done down - I myself have been there twice so I'm not unaware by any means.  The whole workplace has been skewed to the Dworkinses and Cressida Dicks - useless pieces of human pointlessness, but then look at Blair, the Bidens etc. Theresa May, the cow.  You do see where this is.

Toodles is a believer, Adam is a believer, I'm a believer but these other cows - Them and lackeys - have twisted and debased everything they've touched ... for an ideology.  A diabolical ideology.  Let's not call it left-right, let's maybe call it right-thinking people with pro-people precepts ...

... and then there are those lost people.  Why on earth would we of the old ways fight among ourselves?  Why would the Irish for that matter?

Because once the atrocities start, the precedents have been set - people become unshakably  bloodyminded and in a wrecking mood.  I am seething right now over the coup in the States and the vaxx scam, to add to the climate scam. 

My attitude to good men and good women is obvious, i also know, for my own mental health, that I must step outside the vortex, stand above justifiable anger because yours is too. So we stand above the internal resentments if we can and keep our eyes on the main war.

My attitude to the evil muvvers above is that they're going down soon.  My attitude to the sheeple is Kompassion for Karens.  They can call that patronising, I call it not willing to take them out just yet.  When I see a moronic masker in a shop, the thought is not to kill or dress her down [sorely tempted yesterday] but to avoid and get out of there at my earliest convenience.  

Sad, eh?  But that's where we all are in 2021/22.  It will all implode of itself.

But back to the opening concern - mental health - there was no good reason for this bed firm to act as they have done except for no business ethics anymore.  

And that's how it is.  For me to redress the issue means to engage, to expend energy they wish me to, which means going into town into vaxx land and that I shall not do.  Mental health and general health, remember.

I really believe we should cut some slack to right-thinkers, people of good intent, however different we are, however from a different place, different culture - we are so disparate and yet joined by the types of things we're saying here. 

Nils carborundum!

Here endeth the rant.


  1. Oh I don't know James...I think you're doing a good job of 'forking the lightning'

  2. We need more like this chap.

    "Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that's what these plutocratic elites fear the most"