Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pre-Friday [1 to 4]

4.  Thoughts about the NHS killers

Looking at 2a below, what characterises these psychos is that they're infinitely calm about the whole thing, grinning inside, impervious to any natural human feeling for anyone else's grief and pain.  Mengele was reported to have been like that.

I do feel they'll either have sorted  their escape routes for when it hits the fan or else are heavily relying on the big plug pulling, the crash taking care of anyone looking for them to string up.

There are the monsters in high places but there are also other monsters of a more minor scope - those knowing the score within the profession and still going for the cull, operating in diametric opposition to their Hippocratic oath.  There are enough whistleblowers to know there are enough doctors and nurses who know the score full well.

Thing is - if we have a pre-existing, then cajoling us to come into the killing chambers is not such an appealing thing, even though we probably should have gone in for checks and the like.  

Meanwhile, on the voter fraud, Mindy Robinson on Gab:

Yet another battleground state county that Mark Zuckerberg donated to is being accused of election fraud and having his people take over. Is now a good time to mention that Clark County in Nevada also got $2.3 million dollars from him that I can’t find itemized anywhere, or that $3 million dollars he donated to Maricopa County is completely missing and unaccounted for?

3.  Steve reprised

a.  Planet Covid (Sticky Blood Edition): Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans 

b.  FDA Cover-Up - They Knew About Deadly Vax Side Effects! 

c.  Leaked Airline Documents Reveal Blood Clots Killed Four British Airways Pilots And There Is More.. 

2.  Distant Relative

a.  13 year old dies after cv arm poke. 

Had to listen to that twice to catch the first bit about Fauci going to gay bars to study transmission of HIV - the guy is beyond sick.

b.  "ICYMI - Biden nominated Cindy McCain, the widow of former GOP Sen. John McCain, to serve as "ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture," the White House has announced." 

I'll bet she knows diddly-squat about the subject. A bit like Half-cock and health.

1.  Steve 

a. Maricopa County: Nuclear Explosion Of Evidence In Arizona Is Coming Out 

b.  General Flynn: "Something Is Going to Happen. They Must Create Noise Before the Arizona Audit" 

c.  More States Tour Arizona Audit – Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: Senate Will Hold Hearings and Investigate Audit Results Regardless of Sine Die (VIDEO) 

d.  Michigan: Michigan Republican Committee Led by Senator Ed McBroom Releases Report Saying No “Systematic” Fraud in 2020 Election 

e.  Related: Dr Kelli Ward – The Democrats’ Deceptively Named “For The People Act” Is NOT “For the People” 

f.  Money and Ballots Are Valuable, That’s Why You Ensure Every Penny and Every Ballot Is Valid When Auditing These Precious Items 

g.  Braincell update: Creepy Joe Biden Whispers in the Microphone Again 

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