Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday [7 to close of play]

10.  Rossa's mother

9.  DR

a.  For the covid/vax file. Kids/Young people subdivision.

This from a meeting yesterday:-

"Vaccines and Related Biological Products

Advisory Committee June 10, 2021"

Relates to kids and young people and VAERS

Meeting Presentation (Opens as a pdf)

b.  This from ZeroHedge:-

"CDC To Hold "Emergency Meeting" After 100s Suffer Heart Inflammation Following COVID Vaccines"

c.  A couple of the tweets in that article have already been dropped at t'other place along with a few others btw. 

Link here:-

d.  From the CDC website. Meeting announcement in orange box on top right.

e.  This is the agenda from CDC on emergency meeting scheduled for 18 June.

f.  Side note from yours truly - not my idea of emergency if there's over a week to wait for their meeting. How many kids are they putting at risk in the meantime?

This is the agenda for 18/6 meeting:-

And I think that's all I've got on this emergency for now.

g.  There ya go Ripper.

8.  Ripper

Working nights so can't do any ferreting. Will lighten the mood instead with some interesting snippets via David Thomson. Hope the new bed has arrived James, I have a builder coming in next month so will have to sleep on the daughter's sofa for a couple of weeks.

a.  M6 fly tippers escorted back by police to pick up their rubbish.

b.  Whiteness is a parasitic disease with no cure.

c.  Orwell & Goode on Twitter.

d.  Truly unbelievable..

e.  The dog is a veggie.

7.  At t'other place

a.  Torquamada:

 For levity (not sure if this will work)…

b.  DR:

[i]  “Emergency meeting” doesn’t sound panicked at all

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) June 10, 2021


[ii]  This was so predictable.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) June 10, 2021

[iii]  This is a thread with other info

[iv]  2009 During SARS infection or with vaccines that product spike

1-Spike down regulate ACE2

2- Down regulation of ACE2 induce Myocarditis-(and more others)

3- RNA an DNA :spike prodution for an indefinite duration and quantity

— marco nius (@NiusMarco) June 10, 2021

4- for mice proteines are produced all along life for another DNA vaccine , an example

— marco nius (@NiusMarco) June 10, 2021

[v]  Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2

— Robin Enochs (@RobinEnochs) June 10, 2021

“Therefore, #ivermectin can be a suitable inhibitor for SARS-CoV-2 to enter into the human cell through hACE2.”

— Robin Enochs (@RobinEnochs) June 10, 2021

[Url to see these in full:]


  1. Uh-oh.
    "JUST IN - Attorney General Merrick Garland announces that the US Justice Department will scrutinize any post-election audits for evidence of voting law violations."

  2. 8e. The dog has more sense than its woke idiotic owner.

    As someone wrote in the comments "If you want a veggie pet, buy a bunny rabbit".

  3. "FDA tells Johnson & Johnson to toss 60M COVID-19 vaccine doses over contamination concerns"

    Now do Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca etc.....

  4. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    More Forensics Stations Set Up – Five More States Visit Audit Center – Only One Pallet OF Ballots Remaining

    Freight Train Of State Delegations Coming Friday — 9 States Will Visit Arizona Audit Center – Only One Pallet Left To Count

    GOP Chair Kelli Ward Says Ballot Count May Be Completed By JUNE 14th, The President's Birthday

    Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase At The Arizona Audit: “I'm Exhilarated – Gold Standard – Call On Your Legislators to Go to Arizona!” (VIDEO)

    State Senator Sonny Borrelli to Arizona Democrats: “Are You Afraid of What We May Find or Are You Afraid of What YOU KNOW We May Find?” (VIDEO)

    Ballot Printing Companies Better Lawyer Up – 2020 Ballots Were Modified in Multiple Republican Areas Forcing Adjudication and Potential Fraudulent Vote Switching

    Told ya:

    Eric Greitens: If The Arizona Audit Finds Serious Fraud and Errors - State Must Decertify 2020 Electors