Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday [7 to 9]

9.  RMS Queen Mary as she was

Not always easy finding shots of the original but this is not too bad at giving the feel of the ship:

8.  If you want shortbread, go to Scotland

Reprinting an email I just sent to a friend:

7.  John M de France [DAD] on the French and Irish situation

Things are a-moving in France. In addition to the letter written by (mostly) retired officers, a new letter has been written by anonymous serving officers. 

The police, also:

With good reason:

Have you seen this video from Ireland? These youths need attention:

[Warning to the genteel from JH about watching, OK?]

Notice the dismounting from the bike and "accidentally" kicking the girl in the region of the face; the spitting (especially the boy in red); the pushing and the walking away when the lass falls on the line between the platform and the train. I am sorry that the are in the French language, bur Google Translate will do the necessary.


  1. Clue in title.

  2. No way could Trump endorse this one.

  3. France military were first, now US military also give a warning of unrest in the country.

    1. Alt link for those objecting to ZH as a source. :-)